A new problem has been discovered on the Boeing 737 MAX, it’s 1,900 flights canceled

In the American aviation authority FAA, has the potential risk will be identified, that vliegtuigmaker, Boeing needs to fix before the equipment is of the type 737 MAX and the air in the can. That is the FAA to the Reuters news agency let you know the exact problem and tell you.

The issue came up last week during a test run in a simulator, on the surface, as reported to the resources of the event. A flaw in the system, the device is supposed to be “pushed down”.

As a result of the invention is a quick-certificeringstest of a vehicle in the short term there is not. The 737 MAX aircraft are due to safety reasons, around the world to the ground.

Boeing said in a statement to know that it is working closely with the FAA to address potential risks brought to light, and to fix it, and just recently, there was.

Also, Boeing did not get out of the details of the problem. Boeing ceo Dennis Muilenburg said on Wednesday that for the first flights, the aircraft may be at the end of the summer will take place.

United Airlines has cancelled two flights

American airlines and United Airlines indicated Wednesday that the new bug is the reason why the use of the device is to be set up.

It’s now only on 3 september, in which more than two flights in August would be cancelled.


Thus, the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to be able to crash

Phones since mid-march, around the world to the ground

The apparatus of the type 737 MAX since the middle of march, around the world to the ground. There were prohibitions put in place after the two fatal aircraft accidents in a short period of time. It came to be in Ethiopia, and Indonesia are around 346 people were killed.

Investigations into the disaster revealed that the two accidents of the same software have been produced. An automatic safety system which could be the nose of the plane is constant, to have been printed.

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg admitted later that it was called the MCAS system, in both cases, the procedure is, but it is not required.

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