A new leak exposes how China’s massive Regime hersenspoelt in the camps’

The leaked documents for the first time, clearly demonstrated the in China, hundreds of thousands of mainly Uighur muslim hersenspoelt in a high-security gevangeniskampen in the country.

The cause of the leak on Sunday, revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which worked with the seventeen years of international media, including the BBC and The New York Times. The Us newspaper reported last week that the secret documents are in your hands.

The revelations show how the prisoners were incarcerated, indoctrinated and punished for it. Escape is not an option.

It has been estimated that approximately one million muslims, mostly from the Uighur community, without any form of trial are fixed. Also, would you like to know the muslims on an unprecedented scale, as well. As is apparent from the documents that in any week in the 2017 to fifteen thousand people to the camps in the region of Xinjiang are transported.

The leak was renamed The China Cables

The ICIJ received documents in his hands by an anonymous Chinese officer. The New York Times called it the biggest leak of government over the past few decades.

The documents by the ICIJ have been re-named to ” The China Cables, which contain a nine-page story on memo, that is, in 2017, it is sent out by Zhu Hailun, is an official within the Communist y in Xinjiang. The documents are intended to be used for the management of the country.

In the documents, shows Zhu’s instructions on how to be the camps, they need to be led. For instance, he gives a command to the disobedient prisoners are harder to punish, to discipline, in that the cell complexes, as well as convert to to promote.


Who are the Uighurs and why it is suppressed in China for them?

Prisoners were subjected to strict military discipline

Also, in the memo, which is the study of the Chinese language (Mandarin) is the highest priority, and “students” are encouraged to be completely transformed. In addition, prisons should ensure that, in all the areas, video surveillance is no exception.

The documents, revealing how each and every aspect of the life of a detainee be monitored and controlled, it should be. “The students need to have a fixed bed, a fixed seat, and a place to work, and it is not at all banned here, change in to” in the memo and read it.

Also to the prisoners themselves to keep up to plant and gedragsdisciplines, ranging from how they are in the morning should be getting up to, how to make a door to close it.

China denies it: (and still is) nepnieuws

The Chinese government’s allegations of the inhumane practices in the prisons, are always and systematically denied. According to the Chinese government’s transfer of the camps to be a successful way to combat terrorism and extremism from entering the system. The BBC is reporting that the Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom for the documents to be qualified as a “nepnieuws”.

There’s been an international uproar over the detentiekampen in China. In a letter to the UN Security council has called in 24 countries, in China, in July, the massadetentie to an end.


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