A New Jersey cold case that contains a ransom phone call that said, ” your daughter’s life, the buttered topping,’

to connectVideoFBI releases, ransom, call, audio, and re-opened the cold case of a teenage girl who, 45 years ago, it is gone

The authorities have to announce the reward, and the release date of the new notes in the case of Margaret Ellen Fox, who disappeared 45 years ago in South Jersey.

A haunting, six-second-long recording of a phone conversation can be the key to finding out what happened to a 14-year-old girl who vanished 45 years ago in New Jersey.

The FBI on Monday released new information about the disappearance of Margaret Ellen Fox, who was last seen on board a bus in Burlington to the City, on the road to Mount Holly, on the 24th of June, 1974.

The 14-year-old had left her home about 20 miles northeast of Philadelphia, is to go to a babysitting job, and that was the last time her family would see or hear from her again.

“The demise of Margaret Fox was chased out of this community for decades,” Burlington City Police Chief John Merry said in a news release. “Like many local residents, and the police would tell you they would hear the message each week and at the end of the worship services in the church to pray for the safe return of Margaret Fox. As the head of the police department, I want to bring closure to this matter and to take home as a response to the Fox family and the community.”


The 14-year-old left her Burlington City home on the morning of the 24th of June, and it took me 8:40 am for the bus to go to Mount Holly to comply with, a guy who posted an ad in the newspaper for babysitting work, it is her first time.

Margaret Fox, 14, was last seen on the 24th of June, 1974. Authorities have released the rendering, on Monday, the 59-year-old, Fox is going to be able to see it today.

The man had been told by Margaret that he would pick her up in Mount Holly, at the corner of the Mill and into the Streets, and witnesses reported seeing a girl matching her description getting off a bus that same morning, according to the FBI.

An hour after Fox was reported missing, a call was placed to the home of a family who claimed to be from a man who claimed that he had Margaret in his custody and demanded money for its return. To be a part of the conversation was recorded, and the unknown caller to have a haunting question of her parents.

“For$10,000 you can have a piece of bread, but for the life of your daughter and the buttered topping,” the unidentified caller said. Margaret’s mother then replies, “Who is this?” and when the call is terminated.

The FBI said Monday that in a telephone conversation recorded at the Fox family home in the hours after the had gone missing. Law enforcement officials released the new and improved clip, of the audio recording in the hopes that someone will recognize the voice.

Margaret Fox, 14, was on board a bus, on the 24th of June, 1974 into a babysitting job, she saw an ad in the local newspaper. Authorities have released the rendering, on Monday, the 59-year-old, Fox is going to be able to see it today.

“The FBI has a long memory,” an Assistant Special Agent in Charge Joseph Denahan said on a press conference. “The community that we serve must know that we will tirelessly pursue all possible options that are in the best interests of the delivery of justice. We have come to realize that in missing persons cases, particularly those involving children, the family, on the other hand, is persistent sadness every day because they don’t know what happened.”


Over the years, the FBI, the Burlington City Police Department, said that to be the case and the leads that were developed during the original study, in an attempt to find the .

The phone call from the man with the ad in the newspaper attracted the attention of a 14-year-old was tracked to a pay phone at a supermarket in Lumberton, New Jersey, which is located next to Mount Holly.

“For$10,000 you can have a piece of bread, but for the life of your daughter and the buttered topping,”

A new unknown caller will be of Fox family’s home hours after she’s gone

Officials have announced that a new $ 25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of the person who will be responsible for the 14-year-old’s disappearance, and also the images are created at the FBI forensic lab in Quantico, Virginia, for what, Fox — which would be the 59-year-old — would look like today.

Denahan said the agency is hoping the renewed effort will eventually lead in the Fox family a sense of closure.”


The Burlington County Prosecutor’s office, Scott Coffina said to be the case, it still causes “great sadness” in the community.

“This entrepreneurial spirit is simply and it makes you feel sad about what her life would have been lost, and we owe it to her and her family to get answers and to resolve this matter,” he said on Monday.

Fox is described as having brown hair and blue eyes. The FBI said at the time of her disappearance, “two of Margaret’s at the top of the front right tooth was missing and she was wearing a pair of glasses.”

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The 14-year-old was last seen wearing a light blue, long-sleeved, floral-patterned shirt, which authorities said was in the square at the top and flared at the waist. Fox was also wearing a black-and-white or blue-and-white checkered waist-length jacket, maroon flared jeans with a yellow patch on one knee, brown sandals with a heel strap.

She was also wearing a gold chain with a flower with a blue stone on a gold bracelet with a round blue stone. The FBI said that she was wearing a small brown bag and an eyeglass case with the Huckleberry Hound design.

Anyone with information about the 14-year-old resident after June 24, 1974, you are asked to call the FBI’s Newark Field Office at (973) 792-3000, or to the Burlington City Police Department at (609) 386-0262, extension 211.

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