A mysterious ruined temple, and the treasure trove has been discovered in the underwater ‘in Egyptian, and Atlantis’

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A mysterious temple has been discovered in a sunken Egyptian city of Thônis-Heracleion, which has been described as the “Egyptian Sea.”

Archaeologists have found a Greek-style temple, as well as a number of sunken treasure, including coins and jewelry in the Thônis-Heracleion was discovered in 2001. In the temple, and slid into a ditch running to the south of it, and eventually the city was destroyed, according to a statement released by the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology to be obtained by Fox News.

“There is only one small part of the canal was excavated, but it seems to be the remains of the temple, and filled it to about 300 m, that is, both the size of the temple, and on the scale of the destruction,” the statement reads. “The excellent preservation conditions, suggesting that future excavations here have in store for us with the potential for other discoveries of interest to you.”

(Credit: Christoph Gerigk © FranckGoddio/Hilti Foundation)


In addition to gold coins, jewellery, silver, and bronze ritual artifacts, along with ceramics, have been discovered at the site. The institute noted that ‘ the majority of these objects were left intact, in spite of the disaster, and their 2,200 years, in the clay.”

(Credit: Christoph Gerigk © FranckGoddio/Hilti Foundation)

The main temple, as well as a small Greek-style temple (also known as “the underground”), dating from the fourth century bc.

(Credit: Christoph Gerigk © FranckGoddio/Hilti Foundation)

The earthquake that caused the temple to move in the channel was the result of an earthquake, which also caused a tsunami, which leveled most of the city.

Once a center of religious power, Thônis-Heracleion is included in the temple, where all the new Pharaoh had to deal with it, in order to receive the title of their power, the universal sovereign, the God Amon, the statement added.

Mentioned in the ancient texts, according to The Sun, Heracleion, was attacked by a number of natural disasters over the years that, ultimately, is the cause of the last islands to be swallowed up by the sea in the eighth century A. D.


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