A mother and a son without a shared past: watch the trailer of ‘Le passé devant nous”

With the psychological drama delivers director Nathalie Teirlinck, last summer one of Knack Focus’ generation now-figures, her much-discussed langspeelfilmdebuut.

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With Brussels as the setting – detail: the movie was during the lockdown of last year included – portrays Nathalie Teirlinck in Le passé devant nous a luxury escort who unexpectedly with her moederinstinct must learn to deal with. The main character Alice after the death of her ex-boyfriend, after all, required for the upbringing of her son.

The psyche of the characters in this story is central, stressed Teirlinck in an earlier interview with Knack Focus. ‘For the action is to get in the head of the characters. I notice that most of my characters are their own antagonists. They work themselves against. There is, for me, the tension. I love it when you need to explore the motives and behavior of a character.’

The promising director, who for the past few years, the successes recorded with the film Anémone, Juliette and Venus vs Me, knew some strong actors to snares, among whom Evelyne also sends more service (to be seen in the Netflix series Orphan Black) and Eriq Ebouaney (the man who, in 2000, on the outstanding manner in the skin of the Congolese prime minister Lumumba crawled for the eponymous film).

Watch the trailer for Le passé devant nous. The entire film is on 19 september in the world premiere screened during the film festival of Ostend, and runs from February 15, 2017 in the cinemas.


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