A minute is free to shop: Start with the beer, there is a deposit on

People who have one minute of free shopping in the grocery store, to shoot it is striking how often the total in times of stress, when the go-ahead, what it sounds like. Why is it so seemingly simple task so difficult to perform?

Dog biscuits in your shopping cart, throw, and while you don’t have a dog you: it’s happened to a Set of Wutrich, during her minute of free shopping. “You’re thinking,” I should take what I can get, so be it, I take it, that’s just me … You’re in a haze, you just can’t rationally think.”

In Wutrichs case, it helped that she was only a couple of minutes before the starting signal was heard, that she is of this award. “When the whistle sounded, I was still thinking about the lines and exactly what I wanted.”

Up to seven product categories

An experience like that of the Wutrich, it is the result of an extreme form of keuzestress says consumentenpsycholoog, Patrick Wessels. The conscious part of your brain that can only handle about seven pieces of information, or, in this case, for seven different product categories for you to choose from.

“With more categories, there will be anticipated regret on the brain: what if there was a better choice? That anticipated regret turns to be in a state of freeze, where we do not have to make that choice.”

During the one minute of free shopping keuzestress, because you’re an aisle or a shelf, it has to choose. ().

You are not able to exercise

What doesn’t work, it is the stress that comes with one minute of free shopping. Jarno This was a kind of nervous: “You’ve got it, of course, ever heard of it before, but all of a sudden you need to start doing it. You don’t know how it’s going to be. I was in the store, but you can’t practice it.”

Entrepreneur Jan van der Weele has been at least twelve times a minute, and a free shopping time. He who in advance, have a plan of action, for example in the first pass with the cleaner, then the meat, then the cheese, it stays generally quiet, learn to experience. “I would, but as much as possible, wants to go, is not really the thing. Which makes be very busy, and after a really really struggling.”

Tips in order to be as efficient as possible to free shopping

  • Check out the winkelindeling is not only the day of the event, but also for the go-ahead yet. Products are moving, and that takes extra thought (and time)
  • Imagine yourself as the quantitative goals, such as six bottles of wine. If you are at any given time, ready for the wine, you can move on and stop your brain with this thought
  • Don’t be too greedy. Think in advance of what you really want

A plan of action, it is also

Nevertheless, it is a plan not a guarantee for success, says psychologist and Take. This is due to the so-called hot-cold empathy gap. “Before you go to think about the best way to strategy this is by the end of the situation, and you come up with any good ideas on to get warm.”

“Once you are in the store, it’s exciting to see, there are all sorts of incentives – this is a hot topic, and we will take other decisions to be taken. We need to be in a cold situation, to assess how we got into a hot situation to respond to, something that the brain does not correctly work.”

Overwhelmed by stimuli

In addition to hit your brain is overwhelmed by all the stimuli, noise, other clients, odors, and overflowing the shelves. Take: “The brain switches to a choice in a sense, rather than choices to be made on the basis of the ratio. That’s why the plan is out the window.”

An entrepreneur, Van der Weele is running along with the participants and remind them to go on with their plans. “And you will see that men and women are planning to release the first laundry detergent to make it, but after that I don’t remember what they are supposed to do. If they remain, but a mild detergent to load.” Also, he or she informed all of the time. “It’s like, if you have to go to other trails like it, then you should really go.”

As for the brain to revert back to the choices on emotion instead of reason, going to be the pre-made plans are often rejected. (Image: 123RF)

Calm down, it is not an impossible task

Some of the winners will succeed, however, in order to keep a cool head. Jack van Pieterson, are, by nature, feel relaxed in stressful situations, and ran exactly according to plan. He started with the beer: “There’s a deposit on it. And if you are using a shopping cart, standing, the centre of gravity is low. That is why I wanted two of the heavy crates at the bottom of the same.” A mederacers he flew from here out to the road. “To start all over again.”

Also have had Pieterson as gehaaid to the thing the first time out of the videoschap in a more central location in the shop to explain. “I would be in the dvd shelf, never pick it up.” Well, for what it was, because when he came to the hiding-place of the broad flat foot, and a group of friends before, it was time to get.

However, even with the level of stress in the body, to know that the winners usually have a nice loot together to find ways. Wutrich did, even pots and pans and an empty seat to snatch.

Jarno This was around the holidays for more than 140 euros, with chips, a drink, and get used to thrust with all of his friends. And even in the quiet Of Pieterson, it remains a very special memory for me. “I don’t remember much of what I have at the minute and thought. It’s a type of movie that you are playing it, and that moment was a flash of me in the past.”

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