A Migraine is not the same thing as a headache is, “It’s a disease’

On 12 september, the Day of the Migraine headache. One good thing is that to this day it is gathered, and migrainedeskundige professor Gisela Terwindt. Because, despite the fact that 18 per cent of men and 33 per cent of women, but there is a strong taboo on the disease. Eight of the questions on migraine headaches.

You are saying that there is a taboo on a migraine headache. What do you mean by this?

“The world health organization (WHO) lists migraine as number two on the list of most burdensome diseases. Migraine has been incredibly stressful, because you have during an attack is off the cards, is not able to work or go to school or to take part in the social life with family and friends.”

“Women’s hormones play a role in that.”
Gisela Terwindt, neurologists, and migrainedeskundige

“Nevertheless you can find a lot of migrainepatiënten, it is difficult to come to terms with their illness, they are afraid of as a whiner now. By others, it is often not understood. Everyone has sometimes headaches, is the idea. There are still a lot of prejudice as a migraine, and migrainepatiënten.”

So, migraine is not the same thing as a headache?

“Not exactly, no. Migraine is a brain disease. One-third of the patients prior to the headache is the first auraverschijnselen, you will see that they flicker and flare in their line of sight.”

“The headache is when a migraine attack is violent, and often thumping and on one side of the head. This can be nausea vomiting or sensitivity to light and sound. In the worst case, this can be a person in a darkened quiet room and lie in bed and wait for it to ring. An attack may last a few hours, but in most cases it takes a much longer time. Up to three days.”

Migraine occurs in women three times more than men. How can I do that?

“It’s probably because female hormones have a role to play. We don’t know exactly how to do it. We have to think about is a relationship with hormones, as the boys and girls prior to puberty, it is equally common for migraine headaches to have. Until then, women are a lot more of them.”

“In addition, women are often around their menstrual migraine attacks, and. During pregnancy, dissolving the attack. Also in other hormone-troubled times, such as in the run-up to the menopause, the symptoms intensified. In addition, we have a small study found that male migrainepatiënten a bit more female hormone than men without migraines.”

Migraine is less common for men than for women. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Are there any treatment options?

“A lot of migrainepatiënten use of common pain-killers, but for many patients that is enough. Since the mid-nineties, there are the so-called triptans: migrainespecifieke medicines that you take if you have a seizure you have. In addition, there are preventive medications that can be used to prevent attacks. These drugs can be extremely effective, but only about half of the patients will have a 50-procentvermindering of the attack.”

“It is important to have a migraine accompanied by an adult handle it.”
Gisela Terwindt, neurologists, and migrainedeskundige

“We can, therefore, never been a person to always be pain-free to create. Go to the doctor if you suspect, or know, that you have a regular migraine. It is important that the migraine is accompanied by an adult handle it.”

Why is it important?

“On average to get to 50,000 migrainepatiënten each of the years in the problems, because they have a lot of hoofdpijnmedicatie to use it. If you have more than fifteen days per month with analgesics or triptans take it, you can have the migraine, just to maintain: you will develop over medicatieafhankelijke of a headache. The medication that worsens the symptoms it’s because the headache is always coming back as if nothing is taking.”

It Is something that you can do about it?

“Our research at the leiden university medical center show that the best treatment is the immediate discontinuation of all the drugs under the supervision of a hoofdpijnverpleegkundige. There is a worldwide debate about the botox, but it does not have an additional benefit for the rehabilitation. However, if a person’s chronic migraines keep, and after a successful rehabilitation, if necessary, botox may be considered.”

Are there any new developments in the field of the treatment?

“We’ve known for a long time that the protein, CGRP has an important role to play during a migraine attack. There have been a number of new drugs being developed, which is that protein is, as it were, platlegt, the so-called antibodies against CGRP. That have been approved by the European medicines Agency’s (EMA’s), but it’s Zorginstituut the Netherlands, has yet to decide on the compensation.”

And What!-the study? What are you exactly researching?

“What! for women, hormones, attacks, and treatments. There are several studies. One of the most important research on the birth control pill. Female patients ask me all the time, or you may find it useful to use the pill, but unfortunately there are no good studies have been done on that. We have two practical trials to determine if birth control pills attacks in young women and women in transition to prevent it.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if we migrainepatiënten in the future, their symptoms, can be rid. We are seeking only a matter of migrainepatiënten who want to join in. You can sign up through the”

Dr. Gisela Terwindt, it is as a neurologist and a biologist affiliated with the leiden university medical center. She is leading the research into migraine headaches and What to study, and the study of hormonal migraines.

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