‘A lot of work with MRI scanner gives greater chance for accidents’

‘A lot of work with MRI scanner gives greater chance for accidents’

Staff that much with MRI devices in hospitals works, has a twice as large chance of an accident or near-accident as a staff with other imaging techniques works.

This is apparent from examination of the IRAS-research group of the University of Utrecht. From another IRAS-research shows that female MRI technicians with an iud at a higher risk of abnormal menstrual bleeding.

“The effects are stronger in people who more frequently and for longer in the vicinity of MRI scanners work”, says professor Hans Kromhout of the IRAS (Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences) in the Volkskrant. “The risks also increase as they become more powerful scanners work.”

Working conditions

For the study were nearly five hundred members of the Dutch Society of Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy were interviewed. Really hard conclusions from the studies cannot be drawn, according to the IRAS.

However, earlier research of the institute that there is an increased chance of dizziness, stability problems, and neuropsychological effects in volunteers at the University Medical Center Utrecht in the neighborhood was a powerful MRI scanner.

According to Kromhout, there is still too little attention for the working conditions of MRI technicians. “Complaints are often dismissed with ‘we are all sometimes dizzy’.”

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