A lot of suppliers x-ray machines violate Kernenergiewet

A lot of suppliers x-ray machines violate Kernenergiewet

Almost three-quarters of the suppliers of x-ray machines violates the Kernenergiewet. Of the 37 companies by the Inspectorate have been examined, there are 27 companies violations detected.

In half of the companies lacked the expertise, writes Trouw on Saturday. There may only with radioactive rays to be operated by or under the supervision of an expert with the right qualifications.

In addition, it was found that five companies did not risk analysis. In that document it states what activities need to get done and how big the risk of radiation is.

In sixteen companies the analysis does not meet quality requirements. Twelve companies worked in addition without a permit.


Ten years ago, initially, the labour inspectorate, the predecessor of the Inspectorate, also that there is much wrong with the suppliers. When did 24 of the 26 companies, not to the Kernenergiewet. Also when missing it can usually expertise.

The Inspectorate had to know happy that there were improvements compared to 2006. “But the compliance rates are much too low.”

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