‘A lot of sugar during pregnancy increases chances of child with allergy’

‘A lot of sugar during pregnancy increases chances of child with allergy’

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Women who during their pregnancy a lot of products containing sugar food, are more likely to have a child to get respiratory problems such as asthma and dust allergies.

This is evident from an examination of the Queen Mary University in London, held under nearly nine thousand mother-child pairs. It forms part of the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, an ongoing study in which the health is studied of women who mother were in the beginning of the nineties and their children.

In this particular study was looking at whether there is a correlation to note is between the number of children with allergies or asthma at the age of seven and the suikerinname of the mother during the pregnancy.

At suikerinname is the so-called “free sugar” means sugar which by the manufacturer is added to products, but also “natural” sugars in honey, and unsweetened fruit juices. Sugar from fruit, vegetables, cereals and lactose is not one of them.

Allergic asthma

The study showed that there is a strong link between a lot of sugar during pregnancy and allergic asthma (type of asthma in which the patient’s breath after the inhalation of substances to which he is allergic, such as pollen).

The group, consisting of women who during their pregnancy most sugar, ate, was compared with the 20 percent who understand the least sugar ate. The first group of women was 101 per cent more likely to have a child with allergic asthma. The chance to have a son or daughter with an allergy has increased by 38 percent.

According to the research team can this connection be explained by a high level of fruitsuiker a persistent postnatal allergic immune response caused, which can lead to an allergic inflammation in the developing lung.

New research

The scientists suggest that further research must show whether this increased risk is indeed caused by a lot of sugar. That will be done by the study to be repeated with a different group of participants.

Another study will test whether a moderate suikerinname for pregnant women is indeed leading to a reduced chance of having a child with (asthma)allergy.

The research was published in European Respiratory Journal.

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