‘A lot of sitting makes the body of female seniors and eight years older’

‘A lot of sitting makes the body of female seniors and eight years older’

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Older women that are ten hours or more per day sitting to spend and in addition little exercise, have cells that speeds up the ageing process.

From research below 1,500 women in the age from 64 to 95 years, shows that women on the age of per day is less than forty minutes (moderate) exercise and more than ten hours per day sitting shorter telomeres.

Telomeres consist of partially double strand and partially single-stranded DNA and sit on the end of a chromosome. With every cell division, shredding this end a piece off, until the cell no longer can divide and eventually dies.

For example smoking and overweight is the cell division is accelerated and the telomeres faster and shorter. Telomeres that are shorter are also commonly found in people suffering from, for example, heart disease and diabetes.

From the research, conducted by scientists from the San Diego School of Medicine, shows that the telomeres faster when someone is sitting. As a result, the biological age of a person is often higher than the actual age.

Eight years older

The study showed that this is an average difference of about eight years was, as is to be read in the research that is published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

The women have for the research questions about their health and lifestyle answered and carried seven days in a row a device with them that their sleep and activity lens.

In women who do at least half an hour per day sportten, were no shorter telomeres detected. “It is important to at a younger age enough to move, but it is therefore also of importance to to keep up when you’re older,” says Aladdin Shadyab, the lead author of the study.

In the near future there will be further research into the influence of sitting and moving on the length of the telomeres of men and young people.

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