A lot of remakes and sequels in its bios: ‘A dystopian future’

A feast of recognition, it was this year at the cinema. In the top ten worldwide grossing films, it was, like, nine times in order to make a sequel, remake or extension of a franchise. Why are we so willing to go to these kinds of movies? There Is still room for innovation? What is the bioscoopaanbod it ten years from now look like? early in the filmwetenschapper and an exhibitor.

The numbers don’t lie. Nineteen of the top twenty highest earning films of all time were released in 2010. And only one of which is a maximum of twenty (Avatar and Titanic) were stand-alone films, is without a pastor. One of the top ten has been updated with two new players: Avengers: Endgame, one of the best-earning film ever, and The Lion King. The latter is not in the list, far in excess of the original album from 1994.

Sequels and remakes are very popular in the studio, so much is clear. The Radio Times has presented a summary of the growth of the last twenty years, it is clear to see.

As a follow-on to This, for a Marvel movie, and a new Aladdin: the top ten most popular films there are six from the stables of Disney. All of them will be a remake or a new part in an already existing filmuniversum.

Best visited films in 2019

  • Avengers: Endgame
  • The Lion King
  • Spider-Man: Far from Home
  • Captain Marvel
  • It II
  • Toy Story 4
  • The Joker
  • Aladdin
  • Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Book
  • Ne Zha

Competitors of Disney to put in a safe, secure, productions

Filmwetenschapper Dan Hassler-Forest notes that Disney and a few other media outlets is becoming more of a say about what will be done. “They’re investing a lot into ongoing franchises, of a streamingkanaal, and an endless number of movies and series, they are in a variety of media to exhibit. This gives them an obvious advantage over the competition in a crowded media landscape.”

“Disney has, this year, ten films, more than twice as much was earned as a Universal, which is the nineteenth of the movies came out,” says Hassler-Forest. “Disney with its Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars with the production of each and every six to eight weeks for a major film release, and it is up to the competition very, very hard to get in between them to come in.” As a result, disney’s competitors in the productions that they see as safe, a new Mission: Impossible movie, and a the new Addams Family.

108Bekijk here is the trailer for The Lion King

“We have more of a penchant for nostalgia

All of these films were, according to Hassler-Forest, the titles to which the general public has been brought up, so of course they are curious to see a sequel or a new version of it. “It’s a sense of nostalgia, it is strongly appealed to, and through, the film’s look, the audience back to the experience these symptoms.”

The filmwetenschapper to explain that to people in a time of economic uncertainty and political fear have a need for nostalgia.

“In the early nineties, when there was also a lot of sequels and remakes came out, it was made in the mid-fifties, the eighties. The climate crisis, a poor economy and unstable politics, it’s a lot of things you can use to explain why we hang on to nostalgia, that we can lose it.”

147Bekijk here’s the trailer for Jumanji: The Next Level

‘The success of a film is becoming more and more difficult to predict’

But Disney isn’t the only company that will give a more familiar title, as well as abroad. It could be the bioscoopbezoeker the past year and are looking to pursue, or new versions of Jumanji, Men in Black, and Rambo.

Even though you may be different, it would be expected, the latter two titles are grouped under the heading of a flop. “The public is critical, and it is not easy to convince,” the filmwetenschapper. “Whether a film is a success, it is getting harder and harder to predict. How much are you able to copy in and how much you can vary it, but the question is. When the mixture is just not very good or if the movie just at the right time is the success in the hereafter.”

Nevertheless, it seems that the cinema is flooded with movies that have a huge budget to do so. “The balance between the far and the common feature has been in the last few years,” says Hassler-Forest. “In the past a few years, a few of the big blockbusters, and a lot of middenbudgetfilms, which now seems to be the other way around.”

What the viewer wants, is turned.

June release in response to know a week to see what the best mix of programming for both young and old visitors alike. The chain of would like to all genres of music on offer. Over the past year, they have hundreds of different titles available.

That blockbusterfilms more time, and more likely to be seen than your average american drama, according to June due to the choice of the site visitor is located. “And where is the preferred choice for the visitors is a movie, or a special format that can be delivered in the longest time.”

June will see a large increase in the prosecution of which, after a long interim period will appear. In 2019, that include Rambo, Men in Black: the International and Doctor Sleep. “In the sequels, which, after long intervals in 2020, as planned, but as Charlie’s Angels, Bad Boys for Life, Legally Blonde 3, “” Top Gun: Maverick, Coming 2 America, and in Ghostbusters: the Legacy.”

118Bekijk here is the trailer for Charlie’s Angels

Dystopian future

Or in the reboot and the vervolgtrend is going to continue, according to filmwetenschapper Hassler-Forest is difficult to predict the future. “In the past, we have seen that the growth rate of these processes depends on the political will deal with the regulation.”

And this new regulation appears to have never been so lax as to be as it is now, the filmkenner. “It is clear from the fact that Disney got permission to Fox to buy it, and more than 40 per cent of the sales in the us in your browser. However, if a new government comes in and says, ” hey, this doesn’t work, then this may be just out of the blue to change it. If the line continues like it is now, it’s almost as if, within five years, all of orlando, it will be. Quite a dystopian vision for the future.”

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