“A lot of people getting hurt after hair removal of the pubic area.’

“A lot of people getting hurt after hair removal of the pubic area.’

More than a quarter of the men and women who have their pubic hair trim, walk this way a (small) injury.

This is evident from a study of over 5,600 Americans, conducted by research firm GfK on behalf of the university of California San Francisco and published in JAMA.

The participants were asked how they were disposing of their pubic hair (e.g. with a razor or wax), how often they did this and whether they their body hair partially or completely removed. It was also probed whether the onderzoekdeelnemers by a shear injury occurred.

Almost 7.456 participants participated in the survey, of which there are over 5,600 indicated their pubic area to remove hair. Of all the women 85,3 percent ever their pubic hair well-groomed, of the men, this was 66,5 percent. The vast majority removed their body hair (94 percent), 8 percent had to do this by his or her partner, and almost 4 percent went to do this, along with, for example, a waxsalon.

In total gifts 1.430 persons that they were injured during the hair removal. 60 percent is female. More than 66 percent became more than once injured, 32 percent said that this is five times or more it happened.


The respondents also any wounds they climbed. 61 percent of these involved a cut hand, followed by burns (23 percent). On the third place result (12 percent) and more than 9 percent became infected after they have their pubic hair trimmed. In total gifts 36 people that they are because of the hair removal a medical procedure to undergo.

Most of the men walked an injury on their scrotum (67 percent), the women were mostly injured to their pubic bone (51 percent). The participants also had to indicate the extent to which they consider themselves as “hairy” considered. Men with lots of body hair were generally more injured after the hair removal. In the women there was no link found between these two results.

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