A lot of people are addicted to strong pain killers, how did you get it from?

How do you get more of an addiction to strong pain relievers (opioids) will decrease? We ask that the verslavingsarts Loes Hanck, a clinical epidemiologist at the Willem Lijfering, and the pharmacist Anke Lambooij, of the Institute for Responsible medicine use.

In case of severe pain can be morphine or a pain killer, with the same effect as morphine. These painkillers are opiates have been mentioned. These are strong painkillers, especially oxycodone, known, since 2008, a significant increase in the use of it. Other opioids include fentanyl, buprenorphine, and methadone.

Figures for heroin in the Netherlands

  • The total number of users of the opiate, it is in 2017 and over a million come true
  • 438.000 people used to be in 2017 and oxycodone. In 2007, there were more than the 75,000 and 146,000 in 2012
  • More than 200,000 people around the world use long-term opioids
  • In 2018, there were 424 of the possible oxycodonvergiftigingen

Source: The Health Care Insurers The Netherlands, Zorginstituut, The Netherlands, The National Poisons Information Centre

Strong painkillers are prescribed for severe pain

Strong pain killers can you buy it, but may be due to general practitioners and specialist physicians in the hospital are prescribed to people with pain. In a large group, know that a clinical epidemiologist at Lijfering, who will investigate it did. “People with low back pain, cancer, or chronic pain, to the elderly, and people with depressive symptoms.”

The use of strong pain killers will only be a problem if they are long-lasting continue to use, for example, for several weeks, and not be able to cope without the three experts, to know about it. As a pharmacist Lambooij: “more than 200,000 people around the world use long-term opioids, which may increase the chance of dependence and problems.”

“In the United States, and died in 2017 and 10 in every 100,000 people in a opiaatvergiftiging. In the Netherlands it is 1 in 100,000, or about 220 people, says Lijfering on it.


And what is the oxycodone, the widely used heavy-duty pain reliever?

Where are you going to go in to the addiction?

If you think you can get addicted to a strong pain killer like oxycodone, it is true, often to the doctor’s office. Lambooij, “most people can see a doctor or to a pain clinic and will be assisted by a personal tolerance, dependence and withdrawal. It is a complex habit, then the person will be directed to a verslavingsinstelling.”

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That last one is happening more and more frequently, reported NRC handelsblad newspaper earlier this year. In the six-year period, the number of those addicted to the powerful pain killers to five afkickklinieken tripled, from 92 to 292. This increase has put in.

The same plan of action, as in heroin addiction

Jelinek is such a verslavingsinstelling where people can go that is not on the gp or pain clinic can help and is heavily dependent on, for example, oxycodone. Verslavingsarts Hanck: “These people are treated according to the same guidelines as with a heroin addiction.” The effect of oxycodone is equivalent to heroin, both opiate drugs.

Lambooij, not exactly the same, the treatment may be given: “People’s use of illegal and highly addictive heroin, recreationally, as a prescription opiate like oxycontin, in the first instance, is to be given against the pain. When the pain is still there, you can’t just go down. You will want to have an alternative for them, too. But it is an obvious approach that does not yet exist.”

A lack of knowledge about the opiaatverslaafden

Several verslavingsartsen will find that there is a national approach, it must be oxycodonverslaafden to help, reported on breaking News. The Minister, mr Bruins, for Medical Care, the task force on appropriate use of opioids has been drawn up, which Lambooij is a part of. This group focuses on how to treat people with these drugs have become addicted, it can be improved.

“We don’t know exactly how it is people, it is best to be able to help you.”
Anke Lambooij, pharmacist,

Lambooij, “We don’t know exactly how it is people, it is best to be able to help you, and as professionals, we need to know what these patients are best able to provide. That means that the interaction between the pijnspecialisten, behavioural therapists, and verslavingsartsen.”

Hanck is, however, that the directive of the heroin addiction is to be used. “In addition, we have to deal with complex patients, such as people who have an alcohol addiction and have a child with a severe anxiety disorder. We are so used to being out of the doors of the government to look at it and work together.” However, they agree that more knowledge would be good.

The verslavingsarts of Jelinek wants to be there, especially for a watch that is not too fast for the stamp to “addict” someone to be repaired.

Withdrawal requires willpower

Withdrawal from an opiate requests for determination, reports Lambooij. “Even a small adjustment in the dosage to some for the age of the vibrations and dullness of mind.” Hanck, agrees that it’s a real opioïdeverslaving a “nasty addiction”.

For example, the withdrawal of oxycodone together with vomiting, drowsiness, shakiness, anxiety, increased pain, and in rare cases, when you’re prone to suicidal thoughts. That will show right away to see that proper support is important, says Hanck.

The reduction of sharp pain, it is always tailor-made. Lambooij, “Some people don’t have the euphoric feeling that opiates give you, and others noted that the underlying pain is coming back. It is to work with you to see how quickly you can reduce? What’s so good? What gives you symptoms? And how far can you go?”

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