‘A lot of nuisance for those with hay fever in hemelvaartsweekend’

‘A lot of nuisance for those with hay fever in hemelvaartsweekend’

Photo: Heijmans

Hay fever sufferers will be this coming weekend, many suffer from allergieklachten. That is the prediction of Weeronline, Wageningen University and the LUMC.

The warm, dry and sunny weather will ensure that grasses grow and allergeenpollen spread. The complaints are also enhanced by air pollution.

The last couple of weeks the grasses are in bloom come, with a slowly increasing graspollenconcentratie as a result. The warm weather makes the pollenconcentraties the next few days in a harder pace increase.

Hay fever sufferers are advised to take their medication to vote on the enlarged number of pollen.

Sea air

On Ascension day, blowing the wind out of the north to northwest and can be found on the beaches, breathe clean sea air, reports Weeronline. Friday the wind turns, and there will be no clean sea air to be brought in. There is also a supply of pollen from neighbouring countries.

Sunday is a chance a local thunderstorm, but this will only temporarily provide relief. Also, will the grass by additional soil moisture, better still, thrive.

The peak period for pollen, which coming days will start to be expected, until the end of June in the south of the country up to mid-July in the north of the country.


What can you do for hayfever?

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