A lot of interest in Cannes for the Blessed Virgin by Paul Verhoeven

A lot of interest in Cannes for the Blessed Virgin by Paul Verhoeven

Foreign companies have much interest to participate in the Blessed Virgin, the new French film director Paul Verhoeven will make it.

That has producer Saïd Ben Saïd of SBS Productions reported on the festival of Cannes. He is trying on the market of the Cannes parties to find the project would finance.

Blessed Virgin is the second film from the French producer with the Dutch director. Previously, they delivered together the thriller Elle, which last year the competition at Cannes took.

Blessed Virgin tells the story of a lesbian nun Benedetta Carlini, who in the renaissance lived in a monastery in Italy. For the project, Verhoeven reunited with his regular scriptwriter Gerard Soeteman (Turkish delight, Soldier of Orange, black book).

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“Paul and Gerard are currently working very hard on the completion of the script,” says the producer. After the summer, should the scenario be ready; Ben Saïd hopes on the festival of Toronto, the deals where he is now talking about a concrete exit. If everything goes as planned, is Blessed Virgin in the winter filmed in Tuscany and France.

Whether the film is controversial, dares Ben Saïd not to say. “Paul is not someone who jerks at the shock. He is the only person who matters in life, such as sex or violence, not out of the way. That can sometimes for some people too much.”

The main role is played by Belgian actress Virginie Efira. It is not yet clear whether the Dutch actors for the project will be requested. “We’re going to the other roles only cast if the script is,” he explains. “But it is a French project, so it would only be a Dutch actor that the French language is mighty.”

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The French producer is still looking for a Dutch co-producer for the project. The Dutch editor Job ter Burg, which was previously black book and Elle did with Verhoeven, is responsible for the assembly of the Blessed Virgin.

The collaboration with Verhoeven’s SBS Productions very good. “Paul is a director who’s very much his own plan attracts,” explains Ben Saïd. “That delivers actually always movies that I myself as bioscoopbezoeker also would like to see. The first version of Elle was exactly the movie I had in mind; it works very fine together.”

The French thriller, about a woman who goes in search of her rapist, drew worldwide more than two million visitors. Most of the visitors were drawn in France, the Netherlands and the USA. “We were very happy with the receive of the film. We knew in advance that it is not an easy topic, and that we have not the figures would go get for example black book.”


There is yet another tangible project that the Dutch filmmaker and the producer to prepare, a war drama that is located in Lyon playing. “But we are still in the document. Paul is still searching for the approach that he story they want to tell. Moreover, this film probably more expensive than the Blessed Virgin.”

It is expected that the new film of Verhoeven until the beginning of 2019 in the Dutch cinemas.

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