A long debate on the deposits, He in the Home is divided along party lines

The U.s. House of Representatives, discussed on Wednesday with the two charges brought against the president by Donald Trump, who is out of the afzettingsonderzoek came out. If the House chose He named as defendants, following a trial in the Senate. You can follow the developments in the market.

11 hours ago it[The liveblog is closed]

229 for, 198 against. The result of this is permanent. He will stand trial for the two allegations that have been made. A temporary president, DeGette, that it was to be today’s savvy, have done, shall stay the proceedings.

This liveblog is closed. Thank you very much for your attention, especially to the die-hards who make it to the end with strong and sustained, and the questions that I received.

My colleague, Leon Moleman takes a while for the rest of the night, and the response to the protest of the president’s Home join us in our hoofdbericht in our ochtendpodcast This Is in The News, we will be spending later on to re-focus on the current state of affairs.

For now, I want to wish you a very good night.The 12-hour geledenEr is a majority in favour of the second complaint. The two articles of impeachment adopted by the House. Well, this time it went to the vote, almost entirely along party lines, but this time added a third, as a Democrat, joined the other two no votes are from those parties.

A democrat, Tulsi Gabbard voted in this time it will be blank.The 12-hour geledenPelosi would be the result of it, and call for a vote on article, or the impeachment of 2: obstruction of Congress. That is going to be five minutes in duration.The 12-hour geledenDe result, it is almost entirely to be expected:

Democrats for it: 229
Democrats against: 2

The republicans are for: 0
Republicans are against: 195

Independent: 1

The Democratic representative and presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, voted blank (‘present’).12-hour geledenHet word is out: the Us president, Donald Trump is being sued for abuse of power. The Democrats have the necessary 216 votes in. The vote count is going to continue for a while.

Given the Republican majority in the Senate, and the harmony with which the members of the party behind the president, it is very unlikely that He will be impeached. But both friend and foe to acknowledge that it was a historical event of that size is that he is actually in custody, has been made available.The 12-hour geledenMinder more than five minutes to go, before we know, Donald J. Trump, the third president in the nation’s history, is in custody and has to defend himself at a political trial in the Senate.The 12-hour geledenDe the Democratic chairman of the inlichtingencomité, Adam Schiff, joined the debate and was rewarded with a standing ovation by the other Democrats. The debate has come to an end. A temporary chairman, and Diana DeGette announced that the vote for the first one (the abuse of power by the Home and leave it in the first instance, pass the following as a tribute. After that, investing them, in the Republican request for an electronic vote.

The first round is a quarter of an hour to complete.The 12-hour geledenWe are now really in the mood, but in the meantime, we are at 2.00 an hour.The 12-hour geledenMinderheidsvoorzitter McCarthy: “that Which we have seen, was a fraudulent process that leads to the most biased, and least credible of impeachment in the Us history and experience. That is your legacy. Each and every prosecutor in the country would be fired for such an obvious bias, especially when he was acting as a factual witness, the judge and the jury. However, the Democrats have not only failed in the process. They have also failed to respect the evidence.”

McCarthy gets a lot of support from his Republican colleagues. They are cheering and applauding.The 12-hour geledenHet House will be full. Some people have had hours and hours in a row, been to the public gallery to come out, so that they are in the room at the time of the vote, reports ABC news commentator, Lindsey Mastis.

The floor of the House and is filling it up. The galleries are as well. The majority of the seats are still available, are not necessarily open to the public — some are for staffers, guests or House members, and even those from the White House.

AvatarAuteurLindsey MastisMoment of plaatsen01:33 – december 19, 201913 hours geledenDoug Collins, of Georgia, senior Republican on the committee on the rules of the House, and finish up with a flaming plea. He repeated the Republican charge that we have today are many times have a heard that the Democrats are trying for the elections of 2016 to be back.

Collins to leave the last word to Kevin McCarthy of California, the Republican chairman of the parliamentary party. Who is going to be on the same foot. The Democrats have finally agreed to get used to is that Donald Trump, the president has been and will continue to be, he says.13 hours ago – “We don’t need to ask who will be the first that is the courage to show it by standing up against the president’s Home,” said Hoyer. “The question we now must ask is, who is to be the last to find out.”13 hours ago the President, Donald Trump has arrived in Michigan!,” reports a White House spokesperson Stephanie Grisham on Twitter. “While the Democrats are doorblaten on impeachment, president Trump, for the American people, we have to talk.”

.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump has arrived in Michigan! While the ms blather on about impeachment, the President He is here to speak directly to the American people! 🇺🇸

AvatarAuteurStephanie GrishamMoment of plaatsen00:56 am – december 19, 201913 hours geledenHoyer mention of Justin Amash, an independent deputy, who, earlier this year, the Republican y stepped in. Those supporting the impeachment. See the speech given by Amash that before today, loved it.

Rep. @justinamash, who changed his party affiliation from Republican to Independent earlier this year, which speaks in favor or impeaching President, He is in the House of Representatives

AvatarAuteurReutersMoment of plaatsen01:30 pm – december 19, 201913 hours ago, the”Democrats” wanted to be, this impeachment is not. We don’t have to be controlled,” says Hoyer.

“Oh, come on, come on!” calls out a Republican.

“We will vote against it. We are voted as one of the time. We have agreed to two more times, and we agreed that in July, for the third time. We wanted it to not be. However, the misconduct of the president, He has made our constitutional republic is being forced to defend itself,” adds Hoyer in.13 hours geledenHoyer is at the age of 38, in the Event. He said he never expected “such an obvious slip up by the president of the United States of america” to experience it.

He fell to his Republican colleagues, and that he was never the cowardly rationalizations of the actions of the president,” I expect it to.13 hours geledenHoyer the time, and it is more than about a minute to go. The Republicans will complain, but the president DeGette to let Hoyer finish. “The lord deserves to have to talk,” she said.13 hours geledenDe the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, Steny Hoyer of Maryland, one of which is a minute from the fast-diminishing stock, at good talk-time. Hoyer has been a prominent and clearly, to the last, it is saved as a sign that the vote will not be far away.13 hours geledenSusan Davis (D) California, said that He “self-reporting”. A few of her Democratic colleagues, applaudiseerden.

“When you’re president, and you’re in the process view, try for a foreign leader to get you to buy it) and national security alliance, then you will be charged! End of story,” said said.13 hours geledenKim Schrier (D) of the state of Washington, “history will judge this moment in time. In view of all the facts that are in front of us, is impeachment the only option.”

.@RepKimSchrier: “History will judge this moment in time. Given all of the facts before us, impeachment is the only remedy.” #DefendOurDemocracy

AvatarAuteurHouse DemocratsMoment of plaatsen00:58 pm – december 19, 201913 hours geledenAan the Republican side to come out, and now the vote is closer and closer it comes, the strongest supporters of the Home with the words of, among others, Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Jim Jordan of Ohio, and John Ratcliffe of Texas and Devin Nunes of California, the highest-ranking Republican in the inlichtingencomité.

Jordan: “If you’re in the swamp-like drainage, to fight for the swamp, again.”

Nunes: “It is only when He is guilty of is that he and Hillary Clinton have records.”13 hours geledenDoug to Collins, the highest-ranking Republican in the justitiecomité, and the man who is today the State of talks, lead, writes on Twitter:

“”This impression of impeachment, the glory of the House is affected. Speaker Pelosi said that impeachment of “convincing and overwhelming, and onpartijtig’ as and when required.

It is not a neutral party. It’s not very convincing. It’s not overpowering. The abuse of power, lies at the feet of the Democrats in the House.”

This is #ShamImpeachment has brought dishonor upon the House.
Speaker Pelosi said impeachment was to be “compelling and overwhelming, and bipartisan.”
It’s not bipartisan. It’s not compelling. It’s not overwhelming.
Abuse of power, lies at the feet of House Democrats.

AvatarAuteurRep. He CollinsMoment of plaatsen00:34 am – 19 december, 201914 hours geledenOp of social media, it is the comparison between He and Jesus, who is Barry Loudermilk (R) – earlier today, was discussed in detail. You can get here and back.

Jesus was afforded more rights at his trial, more than what Democrats allowed in for the President when He said Republican Representative Barry Loudermilk before the House vote on impeachment charges against the president

AvatarAuteurReutersMoment of plaatsen00:35 – december 19, 201914 hours geledenInlichtingencomitévoorzitter Adam Schiff, between the ultra-high-speed speeches and take the time to say that the Republicans are not able to have the opportunity to respond to the allegations made against the Home. He said that the supporters of the president, the only objections to the deposition process itself, can be thought of. Some of the Republicans gromden can be heard as a response, in which Ship he said: “it appears, madam president, I have had a nerve touched.”

Lee zeldin once (R), New York city, a faithful ally of the Home, was given a generous three minutes. He fell off the Ship, and accused him of being selective with the facts, and the American people to be “fooled”.

“It’s a real Ship show,” said zeldin once, a play on words with the term “shit show” (klotezooi). The ship seemed to be kind of funny to be found.Up to 14 hours geledenSean Patrick Maloney (D), New York, argued that the impeachment of a Trump, “as in a tin can that is on the arm is tied to, it will rattle through the pages of history”.14 hours geledenDeze action will certainly be lasting consequences,” writes the ex-minister of Justice, Jeff Sessions. “Some of the things in this life can not be undone. This will forever be a stain on the House of Representatives>”

This action is certain to produce lasting consequences. Some things in this life can’t be undone. This will be a stain on the House of Representatives forever. (4/8). #as

AvatarAuteurJeff SessionsMoment of plaatsen00:07 am – december 19, 201914 an hour agoand It is still unclear how the Democratic presidential candidate, and representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii will vote. Gabbard was not in the House, soon appeared, and the staff of the campaign, told reporters that they have “no idea” or they will vote for.

Gabbard stated on Tuesday that the House pass a motion of censure against the Home to be able to adopt, in lieu of the continuation of the impeachment procedure.Up to 14 hours geledenWe to have a moment of silence, a State of the speaker (Russ Fulcher of Idaho), is behind us. “One day, with a heavy and a verbal debate, I choose my time to get all of the high crimes and offences committed by the president of the united states, are committed to repeat it. I will have to do that now,” was his silence.

The pace is now what is presented, many of the speakers will have to be content with 30 seconds of talk time, which is strictly enforced by the temporary chairman, and Diana DeGette.

43 minutes of talk time for the Republican party.
Up to 29 minutes in to the Democratic party.2 of 3 people found 59Ook, another vulnerable Democrat, who last year in the House, The Spanberger, who is just as Elaine Luria, from Virginia, is, to support the impeachment procedure.2 of 3 people found 50Elaine Luria (D) of Virginia said on oath that she was when she was 17 years of age, entered the naval academy.

Luria that represents an electoral district, which He is, in 2016, for the victory. Members of these disadvantaged districts are under a lot of pressure.

She said the articles of impeachment to the vote, “with the determination to do what is right, not what is politically expedient, it is”.2 of 3 people found 44Voor for the first time today and there was booing in the House. The republicans joelden Adam Schiff when he is defending He is in doubt to me.

One, a Democrat, in the back of the hall, and cried, “My god!” and when the Ship stopped to talk to them, writes Political reporter Sarah Ferris.

Several are republicans are BOOING the Ship on the floor right now. The First time I’ve seen it all day.
One of Dem is in the back of the chamber, shouts “Yay!” after the Ship finishes its value.

AvatarAuteurSarah FerrisMoment of plaatsen23:36 on december 18, 2019gisteren 23:37Huisvoorzitter Pelosi, and the Democratic chairmen of the Huiscomités will be in the press to-night to speak, after the vote on the articles of impeachment.

UPDATE: PELOSI will hold a press conference with House committee chairs after the passage or the articles of impeachment tonight.

AvatarAuteurKyle CheneyMoment of plaatsen23:24 – december 18, 2019gisteren 23:27Fred Keller (R) of Pennsylvania, served in the second, the reference to the crucifixion of Christ, it is today. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”, he quotes the words of Jesus in the gospel of Luke 23:34.

Previously been suggested to be partijgenoot, Barry Laudermilk of Georgia: “now When Jesus was falsely accused of treason, he gave Pilate to him, the occasion of his accusers face to face. During the course of that show trial, but gave Pontius Pilate, Jesus, have more rights than the Democrats, this president, have been awarded during this time.”yesterday, 23:23,”This is not Ukraine, this is going to be in power,” said Matt Gaetz (R) of Florida. “When He did it, and the Democrats want to do it.”

According to Gaetz, the Democrats are on the search for a “certificate of insurance” because they are Home to there is no other way to be able to beat them. “But we do have a policy. That is, the next election, and we’re going to win.”yesterday, 23:11Nog a survey, this time by NBC and The Wall Street Journal, who is the image of that in other readings will be outlined, seems to confirm this. 48% of the respondents, it is for impeachment, and 48 percent is against it.

In October it was 49/46, therefore, the deposition process has not taken care of for a lot of variation.

New, from NBC/WSJ as impeachment vote looms : The country is split down the middle, with 48% percent backing impeachment/removal, and 48% opposing it.
(It Was 49/46 in October)
Story via @mmurraypolitics –>

AvatarAuteurCarrie DannMoment of plaatsen23:06 am – 18 december, 2019gisteren 23:06th Democrats and the Republicans each have about one hour to make their speeches. The latter six minutes of speaking time than the former.2 of 3 people found 05Vicepresident Mike Pence traveled ahead to Michigan, where he was to get in the christmas spirit, that which is wrong.

In Frakenmuth today and just had to stop by @BronnersXmas! Amazing seeing all of the decorations, and the meeting of so many Michiganders! We are Making Christmas is Great Again!!!

AvatarAuteurMike PenceMoment of plaatsen22:14 – december 18, 2019gisteren 23:03President He is said to be a campagnebijeenkomst to live in Michigan. He is, for the present, the press is not to answer your questions.

On day of #impeachment , @realDonaldTrump walks, fits in reporters without taking questions.

AvatarAuteurJeff MasonMoment of plaatsen22:48 am – december 18, 2019gisteren 23:01Het talks in Washington that the Democratic leaders were willing to consider the articles of impeachment, not the Senate, to send it to, as long as the Republicans refuse to have more witnesses to hear from you.

Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, says that the tactic a few days ago, and have been discussed with Huisvoorzitter Nancy Pelosi. “They said that they have come to think of it, it has made no decision,” said Blumenauer at the event.

According to the delegate from Oregon, and he also met with other high-ranking Democrats, including House leader Steny Hoyer, inlichtingencomitévoorzitter, Adam Schiff, and dozens of other officials. Blumenauer: “all of us have an interest.”

Staff members of Pelosi refused to tell us when the articles of impeachment to the Senate and will be sent out.yesterday, 22:53John Lewis (D) of Georgia said that he had the articles of impeachment will be voted on for the next generations to come. “But today, on this day, we have not asked for it. This is a very sad day. It is not a day of joy.”

“Our nation was founded on the principle that we are not the kings of. We have a president too. The Constitution is our compass. As you can see, that something is not quite right, and that it is unjust, it is unfair, then you have a moral obligation to do something, to put, to do something. Our children and their children will ask, ” What did you do? What did you say?’ For some, this vote will be difficult. We have a mission and a mandate to be on the right side of history and stand up.”yesterday, 22:48De, independent representative Justin Amash of Michigan, who was the Republican y, he left because of criticism He received from the Democratic party, two minutes of talk time. “I have come to this floor, not as a Republican, not a Democrat, but as an American,” he said.

Amash will be in the articles of impeachment and vote. “Impeachment is in order to maintain the integrity of the office of the president.”yesterday, 22:30Francis Rooney (R) of Florida looked like in the past few weeks, the door is left ajar for the possibility that he was up for impeachment would have the votes. He has just announced that he is going to vote for, report TIME, reporter Alana Abramson.

“On the basis of the limited evidence that is in the House of Representatives has been provided, the conduct of the president is inappropriate, but not criminal and not serious enough for impeachment to be justified,” said Rooney.

There seem to be present, no cracks in the State unit.yesterday, 22:24Bill Johnson (R) of Ohio, who used his speaking time to have a moment of silence for the 63 million Americans by 2016 to be at Home to vote. Their voices are ignored by the Democratic party, according to Johnson.

For the present, the Republicans were, the Democrats remained seated.yesterday, 22:19a the majority of Americans, 57 percent, thinks that the president is Home to a afzettingswaardige’ offense has been committed. 54 per cent think that there is enough evidence to prove He to be tried in the Senate. According to a survey conducted by the political website Out, and peilingsbureau Ipsos.

This does not mean that there is a majority in favour of removal from the Home is. 47% of the respondents supported the deposition process, and 47 percent are against it. 10 per cent of the respondents think that Trumps deeds, deposit warrant, but that is his fate for next year is to be decided by the voters.

It can also be seen that the opinions about the formation of a Home, barely have to shift. It seems that the major shift in public opinion, which the Democrats had been hoping it is not.yesterday, 22:12Eerder told by Kevin Hern (R) of Oklahoma, of how the citizens of his electoral district, on the impeachmentproces think of it. “To my voters, to call on every day, boiling with rage, to say that we should be ashamed of this historic Room is as low as it is the case that something like this could happen again.”yesterday around 21:58We are halfway there. Three hours of debate. Congratulate yourself on your persistence, and do not forget to have enough water to get in.

Adam Schiff, the president of the inlichtingencomité, the leadership of the Democratic speeches, taken by Jerry Nadler. “I’m for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, to support it,” said Schiff.

About Trumps the alleged violations, he said, “If there isn’t a person are brave enough, have the time to read it, would it be weggekomen. Instead, he was caught. He was trying to cheat and he got caught. […] In America no one is above the law. Donald J. Trump, our national security is sacrificed in an effort to cheat in the next election. Prior to that, and his constant attempts of foreign interference in our elections, who knows, he may be charged.”yesterday, 21:57De-Russian propaganda, referred to in the theory is that it is not Russia, but Ukraine is situated in the 2016 Us elections, to the mix. According to some Republicans, among whom were the president He wanted the land, Trumps democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, for help. Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani is attempting in the Ukraine is proof of the theory is to be collected.

There has never been any proof. Senior officials warned during the public hearings of the afzettingsonderzoek that the theory was invented and spread by the Russian intelligence services.yesterday, 21:48De, emotions ran just as high. Jerry Nadler (D), chairman of the justiticomité, accuses Louie Gohmert (R) of Russian propaganda is to be spread. That is, he was not much taken up by Gohmert, who is Nadler is furious and spoke to them, until, as the chairman of the procedure.

A testy moment, as Chairman Nadler suggests Rep. Louie Gohmert spouted in Russian propaganda on the floor of the U.s. House of Representatives

AvatarAuteurJosh CampbellMoment of plaatsen21:43 – 18 december 2019gisteren at 21:45Will Hurd (R) of Texas, who is not re-elected shall be set up, denounced the “hasty process” of the afzettingsonderzoek. The former CIA officer, was once thought to be a possible State of ‘defector’, but it turns out that he is ‘no’, it will cast a vote.yesterday, 21:39Voor of the people who have just (re -) enabled…

… is a brief summary of the developments in the House so far

Shortly after the beginning of the session, sought the Republican representatives in the process of slowing down with procedural motions. Which have been voted down by the Democratic majority.

The Democratic Huisvoorzitter, Nancy Pelosi opened the debate on two of the charges brought against He (the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress). “If we do not act, we might be our obligation,” said Pelosi.

Julie Collins, senior Republican in the justitiecomité, he said that the Democratic party He needed to drop off when the Ukraine was still not in the game. “We are going to be quite a lot of things. But what it is not, it is to be honest.”

The debate is strictly along party lines. Republicans are condemning the deposition process to be unfair, as the Democrats like to stress that He has been guilty of any deposits, just.

It is expected that the articles of impeachment from 1.00 pm to 2.00 am (local time), to be put to a vote. If they are to be adopted following a trial in the Senate. That is, it will probably be at the beginning of January will be held.Back to top

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