A limited air – to-air and road transport due to a state of emergency due to smog in Delhi, New Delhi

The Indian authorities in New Delhi and the state of emergency was declared because of the extreme smogmetingen. The air – to-air and road traffic in the capital city of India, has been severely curtailed, schools are closed and construction projects have been shut down.

According to the measurements taken at the weekend, it is the concentration of particulate matter in the air is 25 times higher than the maximum concentration which, according to the world health organization has been permitted.

With the huge amount of particulate matter in the air leads to many health problems. Hospitals in New Delhi to see the last couple of days, an alarming increase in the number of patients with respiratory complaints.

A large proportion of the cars in the street, not on the level of particles and reduce. Dozens of flights to New Delhi, were not allowed elsewhere in the city, and had to take evasive action.

The KLM was late on Monday to know that the limits do not yet have an impact on the daily flights to and from the airport.


A day in the polluted air of New Delhi is like fifty cigarettes

The schools are closed, people stay at home

The schools are closed during a state of emergency. Government departments and the colleges and universities in the city and share them on a large scale, all out to the people. A lot of people will not dare in the street, not out of fear of difficulty in breathing.

In New Delhi, has 22 million inhabitants, making it the fourth-largest city in the world. As the Indian metropolis and is considered to be the most polluted city in the world. In november and december to take the trouble a lot by the farmers that share their land on fire to get rid of unwanted insects, slugs and snails to kill them.

The government does not want to act against the burning of peasants

The Supreme court reviews this week about a case in which environmental groups have filed to have the authority to enforce it, the burn to a minimum. The government has been hesitant against such practices, and to act out of fear of their voters among the farmers to dispose of it.

With a view to the improvement of the level of particles in New Delhi in the coming days, however, not to; due to a mild rain, the air humid, making the air stay in the air for. After two days, some wind is expected, that is, the contaminated air, it can dilute it and spread it.


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