A letter from the defendant of the use of the city of Christchurch was published on the internet

The man who was prosecuted for the attack on the two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, in a high-security prison, a letter will be sent. The receiver of the document will then be published on the controversial forum 4chan. According to the New Zealand authorities had never allowed to happen again.

Brenton Tarrant, tells in a letter about his political and social views. It is located in the cell, in Auckland, new zealand, and are allowed to send letters, but these may be subject to certain terms and conditions to be restrained.

Secretary Kelvin Davis, who will be responsible for the jails in the country, told The New Zealand Herald, the letter was never in the jail, was allowed to leave. “I’ve made it very clear that this must never happen again.”

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern is emphasized that the letter never sent, ” he said of the New Zealand newspaper. “It is clear to anyone who has a specific goal in mind, in terms of the sharing of propaganda. We have, therefore, to the need to be prepared.”

The person who made the post at 4chan had been received to the letter and after a couple of months ago in a letter to Tarrant as he did. As to the identity of the person is not well known. He would have Alan call in Russia to live there.

The 28-year-old Tarrant is by the ministry of justice is responsible ” for the massacre in the city of Christchurch, on the 15th of march. In the shootings at two different locations were 51 of the faithful to the life. Tarrant denies being guilty of. The court will examine, in may of 2020 and over in his mind.


The new Zealanders do the haka for the victims of assault


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