A lawyer Platini speaks from prison about a storm in a glass of water.’

Michel Platini was around 1.00 am in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, and again on their free feet. The former UEFA president, was in Paris for fifteen hours and examined in an investigation of corruption in the country.

Platini said that there was no case against him and submitted that he is the only witness heard. “It was a very long interview, which was due to the fact that there were questions about the european CHAMPIONSHIP in 2016 in France, the fifa world cup 2018 in Russia, and the fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar,” said the 63-year-old Frenchman.

“I’ve had anywhere, a calm answer,” said Platini. “But, actually, I do not why this was necessary.”

According to the lawyer, William Bourdon, was it a case of “a storm in a glass of water. Platini has always denied that he was guilty of bribery, and, after hearing that speech.

The former fifa World player of the Year in 2007, and by 2015 the president of the union. He was, in 2015, is one of the main protagonists in the the great GAME a scandal surrounding the allocation of the world championships in Russia, and the united arab emirates.

A frenchman is suspended due to suspicious payment

Due to a suspicious charge of the FIFA boss, Sepp Blatter, from 1.8 million to Platini, the Frenchman, by the ethics committee of FIFA for each of the eight-year ban from all activities in football.

It was Later that penalty was reduced to four years, so that the wrath of Platini in October of this year and is sitting on it.

Blatter surprised by the police for Platini

Blatter, who has been suspended, said on Tuesday that he was “totally surprised” was due to the police questioning. “This will not help him when his suspension is over in a couple of months off running,” said the 83-year-old Swiss mountain dog against a news agency (AFP).

“This is the story of the football is no good at all. Now that all of the press coverage of the football world cup for women, in France, this is the type of the media.”

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