A Journalist Margriet Vroomans from the criticism of the former NRC editor-in-chief

Broadcaster and journalist Margriet Vroomans turn their back on the comment made by a former NRC editor-in-chief Peter Vandermeersch of that in the Netherlands there is a staatsomroep is. That is, she told The Sunday Perstribune.

Vandermeersch wrote Saturday on Twitter with a interview from the Basement with the New: “to be Rather painful. Staatsomroep leave to the friend of the prime minister prime minister ‘interview’. Hungary, in the Netherlands.” Vroomans will be located at this point.

“We don’t have staatsomroep. We will be happy,” said the producer. “If you would live in an area where they have a staatsomroep, then you have to know that we’re here.”

“I don’t think it’s good that Jort Kelder, Mark Rutte in the netherlands to interview them because they have a lot to be a good friend”, is the Vroomans it is part of the agreement with the former editor-in-chief of NRC handelsblad. “I think that you shouldn’t want to. But I, all by myself, with the comment that we should have a staatsomroep would have to have it. That is, we have not.”

‘Vandermeersch does not mean you have to write’

“Sure, Peter Vandermeersch, who, as a long time editor-in-chief of the NRC, it wouldn’t have to write it, because he knows that that is not the case”, said the presenter of the NPO Radio 4 in The Morning and 4 in her critique. “He knows, too, that there are people that do not, however, mean that there is a Dutch staatsomroep it is. This is simply not the case and you need that kind of sentiment is not too.”

Vroomans is suspected that they are responses to her comments, however, is not impressed. “It’s not good,” she said. “It is what it is.”

1Jort Cellar-an interview with Mark Rutte in the netherlands, in the dr and Basement Co.

To be rather painful. Staatsomroep leave to the friend of the prime minister prime minister ‘interview’. Hungary, in the Netherlands.

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