A jewish woman, 101, to, say, Hitler was the neighbor of Germany

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A 101-year-old Jewish woman living in Britain has revealed that she used to live right next to Adolf Hitler prior to world War ii.

Alice Frank Stock said that they have been living in the vicinity of Hitler in Munich during the 1920’s and 1930’s, according to the British news agency, SWNS. Stock, and whose family was living on a Pension, but there were times when she could see that the head of the Nazi party as a matter of urgency in the building, which is surrounded by the SS guards. There was even one occasion where she saw a coffin, it is a matter of urgency, in the apartment.

“We’ve been living in a house, a big house, and there were two entries,” Stock told SWNS. “It Was our apartment number is 14, the other one is now 13 and 15. That is where Hitler lived. We have heard a lot [of rumors], the cook and a few others. We also saw a coffin being carried out of the main entrance.”

Alice, Frank, is no longer available at her home or in a restaurant. Alice has been more than a decade of living in the same apartment building as Adolf Hiter, when she was a child. (Credit: SWNS)


She went on to say, “I’m a version of Hitler’s Provision in his life] lived there, and when she passed away. There has been speculation as to when and how they died. I think there’s truth in that, as the coffin was carried out, and it was a woman. There was, however, no confirmation will ever be — and you couldn’t talk openly.”

His life was made Hitler’s half-niece, and it is believed to have committed suicide in 1931, at the age of 23. She apparently shot herself in the head with a pistol, which belonged to the German dictator. Adolf Hitler, who kept a tight reign on his half-niece, acting possessive of her, and finally declared that his life was to be the only woman he ever loved, according to the 1960 book, “The Rise and fall of the Third Reich.”

14 Pension Platz, Munich, germany, where Alice Frank Stock, if the child is to live. (Credit: SWNS)

In spite of living next door to Hitler’s, Supplies, and declared that she and her family rarely saw him and didn’t do anything to him personally.

“I was going to go to the opera, I have to purchase tickets through the school, as it was in the royal box,” Stock said, adding that when they got there, there were members of the SS, to let her know that she couldn’t come and had to have two boxes at the bottom. “When the curtain went up, I looked up at the royal box, and there was Hitler sitting there,” she added.

Alice Frank Stock, in the mid-1950s. (Credit: SWNS)


On the rare occasions she saw him coming home, he hurried into the house. “I’ve seen him once or twice to get home, too. The car would be set up,” Stock said. “Two of the SS men would have to jump to both sides, and that he would have to hurry to make it home scared to death, it is clear to anyone who would try to kill him.”

Hitler stayed in the apartment and the building, which was also the birthplace of the Nazi party until 1934, when he was lord Chancellor, and the time spent in a villa in the neighbourhood of Berchtesgaden. He will, however, remain the owner of the property, with the visit overall.

After years of speculation, a study was published in the August, 2019 at the latest, that suggest that the grand-father of the Nazi leader, was Jewish.


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