‘A hundred thousand hacked devices behind DDoS attack US”

‘A hundred thousand hacked devices behind DDoS attack US”

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There were around a hundred thousand hacked ‘internet of things’-devices that are behind the large-scale DDoS attack on DNS provider, Dyn, which last week a part of the American internet platlegde.

Writes Dyn on his own blog. During the attack, the DNS servers are flooded with internet traffic. Therefore, they were able to website addresses are not converting into ip addresses that computers need to communicate, and many large websites unreachable.

The company confirms that a large part of the DDoS traffic came from the so-called Mirai-botnet, consisting of compromised ‘smart’ gadgets like security cameras and hard-disk recorders.

Previously it seemed the scale of the attack much greater. Dyn said that there are tens of millions of ip addresses involved in the attack. The attack seemed so much larger because also a lot of legitimate traffic in the first instance as malicious was seen.

Also normal visitors to the website generated a lot more traffic because they repeatedly tried to get access to certain websites. In total there was forty to fifty times more traffic than normal, out of the rst analyses of Dyn.

Productchef Scott Hilton of the company says that the attack “an important discussion about internet security and volatility” has started. According to experts, shows the attack that it was relatively easy to make critical infrastructure flat.

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