A huge natural disaster, activated the ancient ice-age dust blocked out the sunlight for 2M years

An artist’s concept of an asteroid approaching the Earth.
Erik Simonsen via the Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images Gb.

An ancient asteroid collision could have filled the atmosphere with sufficient dust to cause an ice age, scientists say.

The sunlight-blocking dust remained in the air for approximately the last two million years, effectively causing the Earth to “freeze.”

Scientists have long been puzzled by the cause of an ice age, which took place in 466 million a year ago.


Now they think they’ve cracked it: a giant asteroid crashed into the area is to blame.

Dust is constantly floating down to Earth from outer space, created from the broken parts of asteroids and comets.

However, when the 93-foot-wide asteroid broke in between Mars and Jupiter is made much more dust than it normally would.”

And it fell to the Earth, and obstructing the sunlight for as long as two million years ago.

“Normally, the Earth gains about 40,000 tonnes of extraterrestrial material every year,” said Philipp Heck, University of Chicago, and one of the more Science Advances the paper by the authors.

“Now, imagine that multiplied by a factor of a thousand.

“Our hypothesis is that the large amounts of alien material over a period of more than two million years ago played a major role in changing the Earth’s climate, contributing to global cooling.”

In the paper, it turned out that the alien substance is cooled the Earth dramatically.

First, the researchers located the alien material of the floor in the areas where the stone used to be on the bottom.

Then they used acid to eat away the stone and let the good stuff”.

This research confirmed that the substance contained in material taken from asteroids in outer space.

And, by the dating mechanism, it is possible to verify that the fabric fell around the same time as the ice age began.

“The timing is perfect,” said Birger Schmitz, of sweden’s Lund University.

“The additional dust in the atmosphere, helps to explain the ice age-due to the filtering out of direct sunlight, the fabric could have caused the thing.”

The fabric floated down to the Earth, more than two million years ago a gradual cooling of the planet.

Not all of the sunlight is being blocked – but it was enough to change the climate of the Earth.

This may be your life, “and even the advantage of the changes, sparking “an explosion of new species.”

According to Heck, the pace of climate change would be far more catastrophic.

“In a global cooling period that we’ve studied, we’re talking about timescales of millions of years,” he said.

“It’s very, very different from the climate change caused by the asteroid 65 million years ago, the death of the dinosaurs, and it is different from the temperature of the earth to the present day.

“It’s global cooling, it was a gentle nudge. There’s less stress.”

This story was originally published in The Sun.

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