A holiday to Spain, Tapas are something else.”

Those who are in Spain for tapas and in the evenings, however, it is right by the basket, as well as tourist. What you need to know about the diet for you if you are a real Spaniard, or Spanish, to act? ask Twan van Lieshout, who lived in Madrid and as a freelance journalist for, among others, the magazine ESPANJE!.
Bed and breakfast: A small beer from the second train

“The Spanish breakfast is very little, or not at all. Sometimes, they drink only an espresso. If they have something to eat, that is, pan con tomate, a piece of toast with olive oil, grated tomato and a little salt. Sometimes, there is also ham (ham, ed.). with food, as it can be for the entire day. Also, there are churros, deegstengels which is dipped in thick liquid chocolate.”

“Around 11: 00, the second eetmoment. A lot of Spaniards are going to have a bar or cafeteria to make a tortilla española, the patatas (aardappelpannenkoek, ed.). or a tuna sandwich to order. I drink, sometimes tea, but that’s not the point. The Spanish drink a little beer.”

“Spain is not a theeland. I have never even seen milk in drinking water. Sometimes juice, but mostly coffee.”

Lunch: “in particular, in the domestic heavy cost

“The most important and the biggest meal is lunch. It starts at around 14: 00 and until 15: 30, you can have it in restaurants to enjoy. For around 11 euros you can get a menu del dia (menu of the day, save to get. Go to work and take the Spanish long lunch boxes to the cafeteria for a full meal to cook.”

“When I came to Spain, I was expecting a light and Mediterranean-style food. However, especially in the inland areas there is a hefty cost to you. A lot of the potatoes, olive oil, stew, sausages floating in grease. In Asturias, for example, bean soup are three different types of sausage, including blood sausage, eat it.”

“If you see a sign on your own, you eat it, you get to be a strange view of”
Twan van Lieshout, a

“There’s a lot of rice to eat, with lots of stuff in it. As with the squid, the rice is black. It’s in the middle of the country, it is a point of reference for seafood, so when in Madrid, says that a lot of it on the menu. Paella is native to Valencia, but all over the country to eat it. The original dish contains chicken, even rabbit.”

“The most delicious dish I like the salmorejo. This is a cool tomatensoepje of ripe tomatoes, bread, oil and garlic, with boiled eggs and ham.”

In Spain, there is nothing more important than the food. (Source: 123RF)

For drinks: ‘the Spanish share everything

“At 17.00 hours, to draw the Spaniards on to the bar for beer, wine, and snacks. In Spain, tapas are completely different. Since we will be eating it as a main course. In Spain, you can sign up for any drink and some tapas, which you’ll then share it. If you have a plate, just eat it, you will be strange to look at. The spaniards were to share everything, and to see food as something that you do together.”

Tapas can be olives, little sandwiches with the anchovies and red pepper, pizza bites, pimientos de padrón (peppers, with a bitter and sharp-edged, seeded, eds.), name a few things. How crowded the area is, the less is more tapas you get. If you pull the working-in, and then you will get more. In the Basque country, will be there around happy hour presented at the ate. That prikkertjes, with a nice bite to it. The prikkertjes take you to the end, at the point of sale.”


  • “The Spanish drink it like alcohol, but it’s going to look different to the one in the Netherlands. Cheer up, because getting drunk is not the goal. They drink it throughout the day, but one at a time, or, at most, two glasses. The beer is very, very common, having said that, Spain is a wine-growing country. Think of tinto de verano (red wine mixed with bruiswater spa, ed.). Sangria is the toeristendrank.”

Getting drunk is not the goal of Spain, but fun. (Source: 123RF)

Dinner Around 18: 00, you can’t dine in restaurants

“Who around 18: 00 and a restaurant, walk to dinner, will be disappointed. The Spanish eat very late, after nine. In the restaurants, they have lunch in the clean-up. Typically, there will be a light meal eaten as lunch, a dinner has been eaten. As a salad, or a loaf of bread with the ham. But you can also get more deals.


  • “In Spain it is different, the tip is not here. Around it is a little bit off at the top. It’s not so much that the ministry are alive to the tips, it’s a little something extra, where they are very happy with it.”

“Also, many of the local population don’t have much to spend, to give a lot of money on food. You will find that there is nothing more important. Many of the activities are food-related.”


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