A group of men turn into people during a protest in hong Kong

Dozens of people were during mass protests in hong Kong hurt by men with batons took on passengers at a railway station in Yuen Long.

It is not clear which group is behind the attack. The men were all dressed in white T-shirts and were wearing masks. At least 36 people were injured.

Yuen Long, a town in hong Kong, is much closer to Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland, in the centre of the city of hong Kong.

From the footage, which circulated on social media shows that the group is brutal in the waiting passengers and the passengers badly. The government of hong Kong, in the attack, condemned it and called the violence “completely unacceptable”.


A group of men is passengers on the protests in hong Kong

The confrontation between officers and protesters

In the heart of hong Kong, was again a confrontation between officers and protesters. Cops fired tear gas at the protesters, which is the headquarters of the police force, and the Chinese representatives had surrounded him. The protesters took their turn, agents have come under fire, with several bullets.

As the situation threatened to escalate, the cops are also using rubber bullets to shoot at it. To one side of the building, it is far from complete.

Policemen clashed with protesters in hong Kong

When a new massaprotest in hong Kong were policemen on Sunday once again came to blows with the demonstrators.
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The protesters were a Chinese building, and the riot police of tear gas towards the crowd to disperse.
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They have names for themselves, and the riot police come under fire, with a variety of objects, including stones, and, reportedly, even the bombs.
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As the situation threatened to escalate, private agents, rubber bullets, and guns.
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There is a lot of damage.
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The protesters are demanding that the leader, Carrie Lam, leaves

Since it is well known that hong kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, a controversial law on the extradition of China’s support, the demands of protesters for her departure. In hong Kong, that we have been mass protests take place, that is, millions of people are going to bring.

On Sunday, there were about 430.000 people. The police have stated that there are up to 180,000 protesters were in. At the end of the night, went to the demonstration without violence.

In general, the protest marches are peaceful. A few times they started, demonstrators, however, with the destruction of buildings and cars. So it was that on July 1, the parliament building from the inside, torn down, after building for hours, was under siege have been.

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