“A glass of wine or beer may be chance of breast cancer in women all increase’

“A glass of wine or beer may be chance of breast cancer in women all increase’

By one glass of alcohol per day, women already have an increased chance of developing breast cancer. This is evident from the latest findings of the World Cancer Research Fund.

According to the researchers, would be two in five cases of breast cancer all can be prevented by not drinking alcohol, more exercise and at a healthy weight.

From the study, which the researchers findings from 119 studies from around the world together and analyzed, also shows strong scientific evidence that one glass of alcohol per day the risk of breast cancer both before and after the menopause can increase. For women menopause is this 5 percent, in post-menopausal women 9 percent. Breast cancer in men was not included in this study.

It also appears that exercise is the chance of developing breast cancer can reduce. Being overweight increases the chance of the disease, although the researchers concluded that this is only for women after the transition. Women who are at a younger age to be overweight, according to the researchers, just a reduced chance. They warn, however, that this is no reason not to, since being overweight the chances of more heart disease and diabetes increases.

12 million

In the study involved data of in total 12 million women, of which 260.000 women in whom breast cancer was diagnosed. It is the largest analysis of the World Cancer Research Fund about breast cancer since 2010.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in the Netherlands. In 2016, according to the Dutch cancer registry, managed by IKNL, of more than 14,000 women with breast cancer identified. Each year the death of more than 3,000 women with breast cancer.

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