A former security guard (93) in a concentration camp in German court

A 93-year-old man who was a guard in the concentration camp Stutthof, in Poland, the Thursday before the courts in Hamburg, germany. It is alleged to be complicit in the murder of 5.230 people.

Bruno D. was seventeen years old when he was in the final months of the Second world War, as a member of the guard on the watch-towers of the Polish concentration camp, close to the current Danzig. Because of D. as a minor, he will be subject to the juvenile criminal law.

The plaintiffs claim that guards are responsible for the atrocities in the camp, because they are escaped prisoners were shot.

It is expected that the descendants of the survivors of the shipwreck to be present in the court of law.

According to the German broadcasting company (NDR), are detectives on the trail of, to D. to, in the archives of the Stutthof museum, evidence was found that the man had, in August 1944, the SS gear was. The signature on this document as she is on the trail of the man who has been working for many years in Hamburg, and lives.

Since the conviction is Concerned, even the guards and sentenced

Since the conviction of John Demjanjuk in 2011, will also be guards and sentenced, who is not personally in the murders, were also involved. The former guard, Demjanjuk was guilty and found the death of 28,000 people at a death camp, Sobibór.

Concentration camp Stutthof and has six years of their existence. Tens of thousands of people, mostly Jews, have for their end, are found in the gas chambers but by starvation, disease and exhaustion. Stutthof in 1945, the last German concentration camps that was liberated.

This process is going to be one of the last ones against the living perpetrators of war crimes. There are only 27 preliminary investigations, working against the now elderly defendants.


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