A dutchman missing in action in Belgium, police are looking for a man who may be his jacket

The police in Antwerp is looking for it since december 8th, lost Dutchman, Max Meijer (23). The man disappeared during a night out in the city, and now images have surfaced of an unidentified person, who may be the point! the jacket over his arm, to confirm a politiewoordvoerder Wednesday

In the night from Saturday 7 to Sunday 8 december, Meijer, his car was parked in the city with a friend, but when you have been up to. They wanted to have something to eat at a pitazaak.

He was, according to family and friends and do not have the habit to drink plenty of fluids, and also on the surveillance video you can see that the guy has a reason to. The friends are eating out, split up because the boyfriend of the missing, yet continue to want to go out.

On the images is seen here, in his own walk. Here, he wears his beige parka, because it was cold and rainy, and very windy. At around 5.45 pm, he was last seen in the pictures. “We are well on the lookout for men and women who even have to walk,” according to the police, in a conversation with

Also, the agents will as a matter of urgency to find the man who is at 7: 45 pm that day, to be shot in the city, with a beige parka over his arm. “It may be that this jacket is from the Max,” the police.” The hope is that the witness is to report and explain, who the jacket was, or where he is located, as it is new ways you can make.

Meijer, came from the province of Noord-Brabant Tv. His friends and family have been flyers handed out, and the police department in the city has been the search will be organised. In the water, no search has occurred. This is due to the movement, “searching for a needle in a haystack”.

Max Meijer’s with the coat, and the hood is pulled up against the cold and wind. (Photo: Police Of Antwerp, Belgium)

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