A documentary about the notorious vruchtbaarheidsarts is the second series of

The director is Miriam Guttmann has just returned from the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, where they win a prize, with The seed of the Karbaat, its a documentary about the vruchtbaarheidsarts Jan Karbaat. She is currently working on a three-part series on the Karbaat, who are the clients, especially the 49 children fathered with his own sperm.

“I read that in 2017 a short article about the Karbaat, and I was immediately intrigued. All of my work has to do with character: I have so many of the things that people like, and so you’re going to think about your own identity,” says the 24-year-old Guttmann, who is in rio de janeiro-the Best Student Documentary Award at “I knew right away that this was my graduation film was going to be.”

At that time, it was Karbaat has just died, and there was a lawsuit planned by a number of donorkinderen. Guttmann decided to open the trial to attend and be in the donorkinderen and their families, so to speak. “That summer, I people, and to have their stories heard,” says the director, who is in her first short documentary, shows the impact of the actions of the Karbaat has had on the two mothers and their children.

The series wants to Guttmann, who in his own words, ” fascinated by the daring of the topics, more in-depth look at the story. “As the episodes go on, who Karbaat, the spirit of the time, the clinic and the impact of their actions on the lives of hundreds of people.”


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‘I’m trying to build a relationship with all of the parties’

They have been numerous discussions have taken place. “I try to have a relationship with the people involved and their families, really get to know you. I want to have already a couple of times to speak before I start to record it, but it’s becoming more and more difficult now that there are so many donorkinderen turn out to be.”

The three-part series, is being developed in collaboration with the VPRO and produced by The Family-Movies & TV. When is the series going to be, it is not yet known.

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