A documentary about the alleged fraud at the Japanese may have never sent

In the TELEVISION SERIES, a documentary on the Netherlands, Fraudeland on the criminal investigation into sushiketen Car should be in accordance with the fiscal intelligence and investigation service and the Public prosecution service (OM) only is to be sent, if they agree to give up, reports the NRC on Tuesday.

The paper has made a detailed reconstruction of the co-operation between the documentary filmmaker René Roelofs, the fiscal intelligence and investigation service, and it’s all about.

The following Thursday, the court ruled on the case in which the fiscal intelligence and investigation service at the sushiketen atmosphere. The NPO wanted, therefore, Thursday night’s documentary on this subject of broadcasting.

However, in the years between the end of the documentary, and the date of the decision to have so many changes have taken place, and that’s TO get the transmission out.

Fiscal intelligence and investigation service, and in order TO site a documentary originally

In 2012 it was decided the director, and the producers of the film, wrote the NRC handelsblad. Barry was a documentary about the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation service (IND) and got in touch with Peter Field, director-general of the ministry of Finance), Hans van der Vlist (director-general of the fiscal intelligence and investigation service), and Marianne Bloos (bearing the Functional public prosecutor).

The fiscal intelligence and investigation service accepted the request, since the investigation by the Tax authorities like to be more transparent and also other similar horecaondernemers the documentary and thought to yourself. The justice said the defendants in the case of the Japanese restaurants will tell. Also, Bloos agreed to, then they will have a detailed mediacontract signs.

Barry has made a lot of recordings, this behind-the-scenes

Car-owner, Chi-Ho, L., on december 2, 2014, on his bed and arrested by the police. L. it is of a large-scale tax evasion suspicions. Car between 2008 and 2014, the cash s are relatively empty, have to be held, so that the revenue is artificially low, and the Tax and customs administration, therefore, very little tax was collected. On the same day, the offices of the Japanese in similar raids on the subject.

Barry, if the whole of the action, the filming, and attended the department during the preparation and implementation of the study. Also, he was more footage of the fiscal intelligence and investigation service, and were in talks with suspects to be filmed. All of these materials were used during the production of the documentary.

What’s the point in the case against the Japanese?

  • On december 2, 2014, the fiscal intelligence and investigation service, with three hundred men in twenty places, police may conduct searches in an investigation into tax evasion in the restaurant Car.
  • It is suspected that the revenue of the restaurants that has been clipped, making false declarations to the tax and the corporate income tax has been made.
  • It is, therefore, freed up money that would have been white-washed.

In order TO deal with the scandals

However, almost five years later, the documentary film under pressure. For example, most of the people that have permission to get the recordings have been given, not in the ORDER, which is already under pressure because of recent scandals. In addition, given that the creators are told that they are becoming more and more out of the documentary had to be removed, including the name of the chain, making fun of the detectives, and the secret recordings, wrote the Dutch newspaper NRC further.

It also demanded that the accused persons also, the film should look. When the package continues to be extended, to turned the page of lawyers to go to in 2014, signed mediacontract to look at them.

From the research of the NRC, it appears that the producers, in accordance with the contract, the recordings that interest in the field of protecting the privacy of slachtofferbescherming, investigation, and prosecution, politietactiek and technology damages” is not allowed to transmit. This is also true for images that have a risk of severe reputational damage with the force.

Attorney: state of affairs is inconsistent with the course of justice

The station was in agreement with the requirements of the ORDER, and said it plans to have the documentary at the end of the year to send out. But it was up to the NRC to know that this will not happen if the judiciary and the fiscal intelligence and investigation service are in agreement with the content of the production.

The page is not there for the benefit of the momentum around the case, to get rid of it and want to see the documentary as soon as possible, to broadcast. That, however, just this past Monday, the suspects have told them that they were being filmed, it doesn’t work in favor of a TV-SERIES.

The lawyer of the suspects, let the NRC know that the events are “contrary to justice” as they are.


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