“A diet combats the symptoms, but tackles the underlying cause is not to’

Almost half of the Dutch population according to figures from TNS NIPO to the line or is planning to start with. Nevertheless, a growing number of people with overweight. That’s according to dieetpsycholoog Heleen Ligtelijn because most diets don’t work. Seven questions about lose weight with mind.

Why diets don’t you think?

“I have to actually say anything else: diets work, but not in the long term. Different studies have shown: people who have a lot less to eat to lose weight, eventually get back on their old weight. Or they are even thicker.”

“That is because a diet, especially a crashdieet where you have very little to eat, is not meant to last long. In the beginning, it is relatively easy, the pounds fly off. But with the passage of time goes slower. Almost everyone throws on the duration of the towel in the ring, a few months later to start again.”

Dieetpsycholoog Heleen Ligtelijn suggests that people who want to lose weight their eating habits need to change.

The yo-yo effect…

“Yes. A lot of people that I see in my practice talk, see it as a personal failure that they once again have not sustained. But that is so not up to them, but to the diet.”

“A diet gives you a handle to fall off, but offers no insight into your eating habits. It is purely symptom relief. Compare it with a blarenpleister. If you have a blister gets bad shoes, offers the blarenpleister acute relief. But if you’re on those shoes keep walking, you take the cause away.”

“With a diet is exactly the same way. We wonder: how can I lose weight? But you can better ask: why have I arrived?”

What do you mean by eating habits?

“We eat for more reasons than just to nourish the physical body. To celebrate something, for example. Or out of politeness. Out of comfort, boredom, or reward.”

“We eat for more reasons than just our body to nourish.”
Heleen Ligtelijn, dieetpsycholoog

Many people who are overweight, know him in it: in the snacks. That we eat often are not because we are hungry. There after when you eat and why. It Is for your body to feed or because it is a very important social time is? Fine. But at all other times you have something in your mouth sticks out, it is actually pointless to get something to eat. You have no real hunger. It is learned hunger.”

How is that taught?

“We associate food early in our lives with emotions. We learn that eating comfort can offer if we have a piece of candy to get when we hurt. We eat cake when there’s something to celebrate. Unconsciously put that association to us to eat: we feel something gnaw and confuse that with trek.”

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“Food is what we do out of habit. If you are always in the evening on the sofa with a bag of chips or at 16.00 o’clock in the afternoon, by default, a cookie. That is not something you do because your body needs it. But out of habit.”

What you need to do in order to change behavior or break?

“Be aware of the times that you eat and why you do it. Delete all of the meals that are not useful. Just eat three times a day for a filling meal with plenty of fiber.”

“Do not set irrational goals, that you do not like full of.”
Heleen Ligtelijn

“Do not set irrational goals. Don’t go six times a week to the gym. That love you not full. And do you realize that loosing weight is a long process. A lot of people that I accompanied, say at the intake: “Help me first of the first few pounds off, then I change then my eating habits forever.’ It doesn’t work.”

“If you are a person of 70 kilos it wants to be, you need to starting today, act like a person of 70 kilos. And that the rest of your life to persevere. As soon as you stop with it, you come back.”

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Heleen Ligtelijn is dieetpsycholoog and helps people in her practice to be sustainable to fall off and back to start eating healthy. Her book, The slender brain has been re-released published by Kosmos.

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