A deep distrust of it, and barely any running water, So as to fight True against ebola

Due to the preparations that have been taken when ebola was elsewhere in the Congo was emerging, it appears that the fight against the disease, to prosper, to take place in Goma, the largest city in the East of the Drc. But a lack of trust in care givers and a lack of power to the local governments, are still just around the corner.

God Bakulu wash their hands as soon as he gets a chance to to get. He’s doing that, since ebola last month, his hometown of Goma, has, in the main city in Eastern Congo, as well as the sixth-largest in the country.

But the laundry-that is, the local authorities in the area of the house is open from 8: 00 am to 18: 00 from Monday to Friday. At home, he did not have any running water.

“It spreads ebola is the only time of the day or something?” he asked, ironically, to the medical staff, as well as journalists from Reuters, with a different zorgpost, as an employee of an infrared thermometer in his sleep, and lifted. “How about on Sundays?”

True, that’s almost two million inhabitants, it is in the highest state of alert since last week, confirmation came that the dengue fever virus, for the first time the city has spread out. It is to be feared that the time is fast due to the densely populated city is spread out, and from the international airport as well as to the nearby borders with Rwanda and other countries is reached.

A miner brought ebola to the Community

A goudmijnwerker brought the virus with him from the epicenter of the current epidemic, several hundred kilometres north of Goma. He also spent a week sick at home with his wife and children before he was taken to the hospital, and the day after he died. With his wife and one of his daughters is also a contamination to be determined.

The current ebola epidemic has so far claimed the lives of more than 1,800 people, making it the second-deadliest outbreak ever after in the West African region in 2014, with over 11.300 people’s lives.

Ebola is a viral hemorrhagic fever that was first discovered in Congo in 1976. The virus is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids. On average, will fail for approximately half of the patients with ebola, but the current outbreak is about two-thirds, since many infected people do not seek help.

An entrepreneur from the Community to fill a handenwasstation out of his store. (photo: Reuters).

Scale preparations should be bigger

Community has had time to prepare for the arrival of ebola: the virus and put out almost a year ago, the headline in the cities of Beni and Butembo. Residents of the Community are in line with the dozens of washrooms that are opened up by the government as well as local businesses. She shook, no longer in the hand.

However, there are gaps in their preparation, and their doctors and nurses to come in some places, the same distrust, and hostile behavior that is an issue in other places, which is due to the virus have been in prison. Now, the question is whether there are lessons to be drawn from the other hot spots.

“We already had a system, which is good, since we are, therefore, not be the bottom having to begin with”, said Kate White, noodmanager of Doctors without Borders (Msf). “But it really needs to be strengthened and there needs to be any scaling to be applied to it.”

Search for people who have not been vaccinated.

In the three cases in the Community gave rise to a feverish search, the more than a hundred people who have directly or indirectly had come into contact with the patient, so that they are able to be vaccinated. The vaccinatiechef of the world health organization, the city, the Tresor Amiri, late on Tuesday knowing that a group of five people who are no vaccinations have been given.

The local authorities are quite optimistic about the chances of the virus within the Community can be maintained. There are no besmettingsgevallen, and the wife and daughter of a miner, that is, the virus to the city and brought with him his restorative.

“We are hoping that they will be the first to heal the patients in the Community,” says Jean-Jacques Muyembe, who is the anti-ebolainspanningen of the Congolese government’s co-ordinates. He hoped that, for their survival, showing that “your chances of survival are relatively good, if you asked them to look for treatment.

The preparations to help in the fight against

According to the government’s success so far is thanks to the preparations that were made since August of last year, an outbreak has been reported.

Dozens of volunteers, have been going for months on end-to-end with the illustrated flipboeken that are cautioned not blood-stained garment to touch any vomit to clean up. Local radio stations play voorlichtingsbulletins.

On the border with Rwanda, on a daily basis by an estimated 45,000 people will be crossing, that is, the body temperature of passengers on both sides can be measured.

Rwanda closed the border last week, briefly, but opened it again after experts warned that such a step is illegal grensoverstekingen would have to look through them.

Ebolapatiënten to be placed on a special isolatieafdeling in the main hospital in Goma. It took the ‘Doctors without Borders’ two months to build. Right now there are 72 beds to be found, exclusively, for ebolapatiënten.

The construction of a special ward for ebolapatiënten at the largest hospital in Goma, Doctors without Borders. (photo: Reuters).

Huge lack of trust in social workers

However, there are still major challenges to overcome in the fight against the virus. This past Saturday it came to the family members of a boy with a fever and diarrhea and was referred to as the ebola ward of the hospital, demanding that he should be fired.

A male family member was threatened in the hospital wing, tended to set fire to. “It was right at the end, in Butembo,” he said. Thus, he should be referred to in order to of Msf facilities in the city by unknown assailants last February. The organisation explained due to the attack of its business in Butembo still.

“We have been suffering from fever and diarrhoea ever since I was a kid,” said a female member of the family. “Why does a fever, now ebola?”

An Msf staff member did serve to comfort her and to the family of the boy went back into the house. However, it was not the first time that the social workers had to deal with the suspect, and it won’t be the last.

Clear the fences against the conspiracy theories

Msf said that there are additional steps to be taken to ensure that the people of the Community, feel free to ask. Thus, it should be taken to prevent the same conspiracy theories that the fight against the disease more difficult in Beni and Butembo, also in the Community on foot, to get off the ground.

The ebola ward in the city, it was built with fences, through which looks to be, what with rumors of malicious activity at the health club trying.

One of the volunteers, who are residents learn more about ebola, the 23-year-old She Mulangala said that they will end on Friday, was threatened in the city of the dead goudmijnwerker to live. More than a dozen people were demanding that they be what’s left to be seen was. “If someone is sick, we will make you dead,” she was told.

The local government has a lot of resources

In addition to the lack of confidence in social workers was also limited capacity of local government to be a problem. However, about 10 per cent of the population of the Community has access to running water, and a lot of people are dependent on public toilets.

The director of a special ebola ambulance, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that he and his colleagues have been six months have not been paid for. Their employer, the provincial ministry of Health, could not be reached for comment.

A lot of the residents of the city say they are happy to have been vaccinated, but that this is not possible, since, at this time, only the family members of the ebolapatiënten, or others who are in need. A possible second vaccinatieoffensief to the wider population in order to protect the running time being be fixed on the ongoing discussions within the Local government.

“And the people accept that ebola is real,” explains money changer, by Joseph Mumbere is the situation together. “However, it is very difficult to get the vaccine to get it.”

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