A dark river is nearly 1,000 km-long flows of ice in Greenland

The Team of a sled dog during the winter in Uummannaq in the north-west coast of Greenland, file photo.
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SAN FRANCISCO —far, Far under the ice cover of the Greenland ice sheet stretches for miles from the base and extending through the foundation for almost 1,000 miles is a valley, which may contain an underground river, in order to transport water from the center of Greenland to its northern coast.

In the past, aircraft flying overhead is already partially allocated, with a rocky surface, the valley bottom of the ice, but their radar coverage of the area to the left of these gaps, ” says Christopher Chambers, a research fellow at the Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan.

To build a clearer picture of what lies beneath Greenland’s total area, the Rooms, and his colleagues have created simulations in order to explore the valley, at different depths, and to model how the water is melting from the surface of a glacier, to a depth of, perhaps, is the creation of a stream of water, Air, told Live Science. He has presented his findings Dec. 9, here at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

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The Radar maps showed that the valley is very level, at a depth of 980 ft, and 1,640 feet (300 m and 500 m below the surface of the Rooms, it said. It is very common for a function that has been such a long time, “and that in itself is a potential smoking gun, that this may be a great place, with active erosion or sediment deposition as a river, he said.

First of all, the researchers digitally modelled the landscape and the removal of the blocks of the missing data. As soon as she had a continuous, open valley, and they are in Greenland, the simulation, and the melting of snow and ice from the glacier, it started to spread underground, it flows along the valley floor of the base. In the simulations, the scientists will also be included in a well-known hotspot lies deep down in Greenland’s interior, and they found that the hot spot generated plenty of running water, in order to travel along the valley of the Greenland’s village on the north coast.

“In the end, if you do it deep enough or minus 500 meters [1,640 feet], the water is over the entire length along the valley, and then left at Petermann Fiord,” for the creation of a path that measures about 1,600 km (1,000 miles) long, Chambers said.

Because of this, the river would have to be carried out, in the darkness, hundreds of miles of ice, as the researchers called it the “Dark River,” they wrote in a summary of their research project. The Dark River is probably not a very strong or constant flow, as the glacier melts and spreads out over a large area, the Chamber said. The river can be quite strong, ” but only at certain times of day,” as a large reservoir of melt water to build up and then release it into the valley, he added.

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Originally published on Live Science.

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