A centre of expertise, Euthanasia, or 15 percent, euthanasieverzoeken

The number of euthanasieverzoeken in the Centre of Euthanasia, that is, until Wednesday, the Levenseindekliniek at the door, with a 15 per cent increase compared to the end of 2018. According to the centre, this is the more remarkable, because, in the past few years, a stabilization in the number of requests that have to be seen.

The number of euthanasieverzoeken, between 2012 and 2017 as “continuously increasing”. After that, it remained in the number of requests are approximately equal, thus, the Centre of excellence for Euthanasia.

Each month, the last year an average of 210 requests for the office. This year, the monthly average of 256 requests. In July, the processed in the center, even with a record number of 308 participants.

According to officer Steven’s Advocacy of a centre of Expertise in Euthanasia, “there is clearly something wrong with the euthanasiezorg in the Netherlands. The doctors have been, according to him, here, now. “They’ll send more patients to us all the time.”

The agitation was started by the Public Prosecutor’s office (OM) in 2017 and launched a criminal investigation into a verpleegarts which euthanasia was performed in a 74-year-old alzheimerpatiënte. It was a wilsverklaring when they clearly were.

The doctor was at the end of August to appear before the judge. It is AT that time that the doctor will be convicted of murder because she has the euthanasia has been discussed-with the heavy patients suffering from dementia woman.


The road to euthanasia in the Netherlands in the field of

A new name to stop any confusion’

The name of Levenseindekliniek on Wednesday turned into a centre of Expertise to Euthanasia. The organization wants to become “more clarification of the nature of the work.

Advocate: “it soon became clear that people do not go to a hospital in The Hague and want to die. That’s what they do at home in the comfort of their own home. It is, therefore, not be affected by the clinic have been. We visit people in their homes or wherever they reside.”


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