A boy of twelve severely abused at German school

A boy of twelve severely abused at German school

A twelve-year-old boy is at a school in the west of Germany by at least one fellow student protects almost beaten to death.

The police has this Saturday been confirmed, after there had been heavy assault “may be committed by a school”.

According to the Bild newspaper is the prime suspect, also a twelve year old boy, but the police would have more students to the tooth want to feel.

The department of homicide cases of the precinct Bonn is investigating together with the Public Ministry of the exceedingly heavy abuse at a school in Euskirchen, germany. A teacher saw Thursday afternoon, the victim, Eric, who, confused and severe pain complained of.

They raised the alarm and the boy is first taken to a hospital in Euskirchen, germany, southwest of Bonn. There was immediately determined that his condition was so serious that he’s with a trauma helicopter to Cologne is flown.

He is still in danger, according to German media, who are deeply shocked about the incident reported. According to prosecutor Robin Fassbender are the massive injuries that the boy sustained only explained by the mass use of violence.

Fassbender said never a thing to have experienced, in which the victim of such a coarse violence was so young.

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