A black Moon tonight: What does this mean

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The rare celestial event has taken place since 2016. North America will get the first look , but the rest of the planet to see a Black Moon on the 30th of August.

We have seen a variety of interesting phases of the Moon, the “Super-blood-Moons” on the “full worm “supermoons” and even the beautiful Strawberry Moon.

However, on the 31st of July, it will mark a rare appearance for the Earth’s natural satellite — a natural phenomenon, which is known as the “Black Moon”. The rare celestial event can be seen in North America, marking the first appearance since 2016. The rest of the planet to see a black Moon on the 30th of August.

Although there is no single definition of a black Moon, and, depending on the Time and Date, it is the most widely used for the representation of the second new Moon of the month. This doesn’t happen very often, outside of leap years, and moon cycles mostly have 29 days to finish the job. However, every 32 months or so, and there are two full Moons in a single month, the first one is known as a blue Moon.

(Credit: EarthView, Arizona State University, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter)


Officially, the Black Moon will occur at 11:13 a.m. EDT, in the Western Hemisphere, according to the For the Eastern Hemisphere, it will be after midnight on Aug. 1), but not in the second, new Moon, and, therefore, it does not look like a Black full Moon.

The new Moons are not in a position to be in, and if they are on a journey to the other side of the sky with the Sun during the day,” according to the “However, the gravitational influence of the new moon, and the sun, combining the physical impact on our water planet, and the people along the atlantic coastline you will see in the next couple of days.”

Different interpretations of the meaning of a black Moon and a third of a new Moon, a period of time of the new Moons; to be no new Moon in February; and it is not a full Moon in the month of February.

Tomorrow is the black Moon is also a supermoon, which means that the new Moon occurs at the closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit.


This story has been updated with the correct time of the Black Moon is in it’s fourth generation.

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