A belgian first: biogroenten and vegetables, of course, mark

Delhaize is a new technique to apply to biogroenten and -fruit labeling and thus saves 13 tonnes of packaging per year. The organic label will be through ‘natural branding’ a laser technology can be applied.

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It is a Belgian first, the supermarket chain took out the mustard in the Netherlands.

Organic products are to strict rules, explains spokesperson Roel Dekelver. One of these is that they these products must be able to distinguish it from ordinary fruits and vegetables through a non-removable label. ‘Separate packaging was so often the only possibility,” said Delhaize spokesperson. But customers of organic products are also generally more committed to the environment, and so was the supermarket chain a lot of questions about the packaging. “It is really a symbooldossier for us’, stresses Dekelver.

Delhaize started looking for a solution, and found in the Netherlands a technique of natural branding, which also by the European audit bodies for bio is accepted. With a hogeresolutielaser is the pigment from the outer layer of the peel removed and a mark applied. “It is a very superficial process, that has no influence on the taste, smell or shelf life of the product,” says Delhaize.

In the first instance, will the mark show up in the bio-butternut Delhaize. By the summer, one wants 20 kinds of products in this way labeling, including zucchini, cucumber, celery and fennel. Some products are not eligible for the technique, such as tomatoes due to their fragile skin.

This technology provides only benefits, as Delhaize. No glue, ink, paper, liquids, or other substances; m inimaal energy consumption for the application of the logo, g a more problems with peeling stickers on fruit and vegetables

For Delhaize means this technique a saving of 13 tons less packaging per year. Almost 10 percent of the vegetables and 7 percent of the fruit in 2016 was sold was organic.

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