“A Baby with low birth weight sport later relatively low’

“A Baby with low birth weight sport later relatively low’

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Babies with a low birth weight later in their lives, relatively little physical activity, according to a new study.

People who are born less than 2.5 kilograms weighed, as an adult are less likely to be in their free time to sports.

The chance that regular exercise is 1.9 times smaller than in people with average or higher birth weight.

That report British researchers in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports.


The scientists analysed data from a large study in Great Britain, where three thousand test subjects since their birth be followed. The participants in the study regularly give to questionnaires how often they exercise. During their school years were also their figures for gym registered by the researchers.

The figures indicate that people with low birth weight are relatively low scoring at schoolgym. At adult age they appear less often to play sports for their enjoyment.


“It is an important finding, because regular physical activity provides many health benefits,” explains lead researcher Ahmed Elhakeem on the news site New Scientist. “Our results suggest that people with low birth weight some extra encouragement is needed to of health benefits to take advantage of.”

The scientists can only guess at the relationship between birth weight and physical activity. Elhakeem suspect that babies with a low birth weight a less good motor skills develop and are therefore less attracted to the sport.

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