911 Call: Mom said that the ex-boyfriend had a gun, 4 children with him

ORLANDO, Florida. – A Florida woman who escaped her apartment after her ex-husband started beating her told a 911 dispatcher she didn’t want to leave her four children alone with him for too long “, because he might do something.”

When Orlando police arrived just before midnight on June 10, Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr. shot Officer Kevin Valencia in the head, and began a confrontation with the police, which lasted 21 hours. During that time, Lindsey killed the children, who ranged in age from 1 to 11, before fatally shooting himself, police said.

In 911 recordings released by the city of Orlando on Thursday, a hectic Ciara Lopez told the coordinator she walked to a nearby supermarket and asked the clerk to call 911.

“He has a gun,” Lopez said. “I don’t know if the him right now, but I know that it is in the house.” When the dispatcher asked if he had pulled the gun on her, Lopez replied: “Not today.”

Lopez declined medical attention, she says she wants to be alone scraped. But she was worried about her children.

“I don’t want to leave them there too long because he might be something,” Lopez told the coordinator.

Another 911 call came in after the police arrived at the apartment complex. A neighbor reported that the officer and seriously wounded outside her window. “The agent is injured,” the caller said. “There is a number of people around the officer. He is on the ground and they try to make a call for God-knows-what.”

In another call, a woman identified herself as Lindsey’s sister. She said he had a text message from a friend that he was going to kill himself. “He said that he was barricaded in an apartment and had shot through the door of a police officer,” she told the dispatcher.

Valencia remains in the hospital in Orlando.

Records of the state Department of Children and Families show that Lindsey had a history of fighting with Lopez, but she has never claimed that he was a threat for the children, the Orlando Sentinel Thursday reported.

Irayan Pluth, 12, and lillia Pluth, 10, told the agency’s investigators that they would go to their rooms and play as their mother and Lindsey fought, according to the newspaper, which said its report was based on a review of approximately 100 pages of records.

The researchers said the Pluths and brothers and sisters, Aidan, Lindsey, 6, and the Dove, Lindsey, 22 months, were killed in their beds soon after Lopez fled the apartment that night. Lindsey was the father of the youngest two children.

The older children told the social workers they had never seen their mother and Lindsey to hit each other, but the data show, there was increasing violence, the Sentinel reported.

“He threatens me on a daily basis to get with only some clothes, or he will break everything I owned, but when I try to leave he stops me and locks the apartment from the inside,” Lopez wrote in 2017 if she sought a restraining order. “Incidents are becoming more and more frequent.” She wrote that Lindsey was punching holes in the wall and had still more in the physical.

Lopez was arrested after in 2015. The report said she was accused of biting and scratching Lindsey during a fight over her car keys. The case was closed a month later, when Lindsey said that he does not want to press the charges.

The case workers who interviewed the children said that they always found that they are safe and happy, the records show.

Department Secretary Mike Carroll said in a statement that he had ordered a review of the agency that the history of the family after the massacre in June.

“The actions of this person are terrible, and we are in the mourning of the family of these children,” he said.

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