830 people are infected with feline corona virus, death toll rises to 25

It is a new corona virus that has erupted in China, it has now been 25 deaths, according to Chinese state media. The number of confirmed infections has risen to 830.

The world health organization (WHO) said on Thursday a “state of emergency in China”, but said it was still too early to speak of a global health crisis: for the moment, there is still a lack of infection in other countries as well.

As far as is known, there are only four people have been infected in Thailand, two in Japan, two in Korea, one in the United States and one in China.

At the time of the decision by the WHO was only one-quarter of the infected persons have severe symptoms. It is still unknown which of the new ones with those stats will do so. Most of the fatalities also had other health problems.

86Hoe the mysterious corona virus is due to China’s spreading

Public life in the cities shut down

Friday morning (local time) was reported in a local newspaper, in the central province of Hubei, the public transport services in ten towns and cities in the province, has been halted due to the outbreak. In the city of Zhijiang, the majority of public facilities will be closed.

Previously, the public transport in Wuhan, came to a standstill. In this city, of which eleven million of the population, the virus is likely to occur. In the buurtstad Huanggang the public, life is short, and then shut down, as well as Chibi. In the meantime, it is well known that in Jingzhou, more than five million people, and on Friday at 17: 00 hours (local time), will also be shut down.

A variety of Chinese cities and towns to take measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus from entering the system. Saturday is the Chinese new year is celebrated, which a lot of people go to their family members to and fro. In the capital city of Beijing, some of the new year celebrations will be cancelled. In Shanghai, it will be in the park at Disneyland on Saturday will be closed.

168Wuhan on to conclude: “In Rotterdam and Amsterdam, it would not be able to”

The Virus can be transmitted from person-to-person

The Chinese authorities have made it Monday, it is known that the disease is from human to human can be transmitted. The virus may be respiratory problems as the cause of the simple common cold to more serious lung infections.

The GOVERNMENT had on Tuesday to know that the risk of the disease in the Netherlands it appears the “free zero”, it is because, among other reasons, there are no direct flights between the Netherlands and the Wuhan deal.

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