8 ways to enjoy New Year’s Eve military style

(Credit: Lead Slinger Whiskey)

Hunters, shooters, outdoorsman, military and first responder families, this essential New Year’s Eve gear list is for you.

Watching the ball drop in Times Square is a time-honored tradition, but what really matters is the company you keep and the celebrate from anywhere in this great country.

Why not gear up with a few tactical hacks for your New Year’s Eve celebrations?


Whether you’re camping with friends, drinking beers with family and friends around the BBQ, was at home with the family around the tv watching the ball drop or attending a number of chic party…we have you covered.

All our top picks for the tactical drinking this New Year’s Eve are made in the USA. Even better, most are made by the nation’s most elite warriors like SEALS, Rangers, Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers and Special Forces.

Get country tactical with the excellence of OUR Special Operations is famous all over the world.

Here are 8 ways to infiltrate a New Year’s Eve party with some tactical grade gear.

Leadslingers whisky

More of a bourbon drinker than a champagne sipper? Go all-American with a new label created by Special Ops and the CIA veteran changed-YouTube sensation and a successful entrepreneur, Matt Best.

Best served in the Rangers and brings that same dedication to his drink-creation.

Don’t miss their Leadslingers Napalm or their Black Flag Rum. It is available for about $37.99.

Violation of those beer bottles with a ball

If you need to crack some candies that you can grab beers with the .50 caliber Bottle Breacher.

Made in the USA by veterans, this is no ordinary bottle opener. It is made of a fired .50 caliber ammunition of the type for military purposes to be used for serious power. This highly polished projectile with chrome plated shell is a success at any party.

You may have seen the former Navy SEAL founded Bottle Breacher on Shark Tank.

It is available for $25.00.

Don’t forget the coasters

(Bullets2Bandages Coasters)

Made by Naval Explosive ordnance disposal officers, this .50 Caliber Coasters are made in the USA and modeled after the .50 BMG rounds with a true-to-life headstamps, washers, primer and dents.

They are formed with L C 0 5 cut deep into the surface, which indicates the .50-caliber “round” was produced by Lake City in 2005.

A set of four is available for $ 37.99.

Crack open the wine

(Bottle Breacher wine)

Need to breach a bottle of wine? You definitely need to use something worthy of the occasion made from a .50 caliber per Bottle Breacher.

The company says that it has added a “touch of Class to our Brass! We had not the inventor of the bottle Opener – we just made it cool!.”

Although it brings the outside area of the hunting and shooting in a wine-scenario, it has a clean, elegant look and would not look out of place in the most chic of the New Year’s Eve celebrations – even Black Tie bashes.

This cool bottle opener can also be engraved and can even relax off duty, in his own case.

The retractable corkscrew that folds into the .50 caliber brass and is available for $39.99.


The Battle Mug

Although it has not been made by special operations veterans, the Battle Mug with AR-15 handle is made in the USA

It has a classic, ironic gift for elite warriors’ birthdays, promotions and retirement loaded with optics and more on the rails.

This two-pounder, is made of a 10.5-pound solid bar of 6061 T6 billet aluminum and can be up to 24 ounces of beer. It has Picatinny rails so that you can connect to an AR-15 handle to use as a handle, as well as anything else Picatinny-friendly, such as scopes.

This conversation starter is available for $189. For a lower price, the Battle Mug Polymer Edition can be purchased for $45.

Creeping Favorite Drinks y Infiltration Device

(Credit: Camelbak)

Camelbak products are used by special operations all over the world, and outdoor athletes. If it’s good enough for the most elite warriors on the most extreme missions, this can be used to keep you hydrated hardcharging parties.

Don’t take the time to get those glasses of water to stay hydrated and balance of the drink. You will receive a professional and wear a tactical hydration system designed for professionals.

With such advanced design that you won’t even notice it, the MilTac HydroBak is designed for users who are light and fast – and hydrated to maximize performance in the fight.

The design keeps your water crystal clear cool no matter how much you’re dancing.

Going to be on the move, walk and talk? y-hopping and want to ensure a reliable flow of your favorite poison of choice?

With the Antidote of Access to the Port, you can also fill them with beer, your favorite bourbon or your special NYE cocktail for the simple and easy to clean afterwards.

Not to put down your drink and forget which one is for you. Keep your hands free and strap on the HydroBak, have your favorite drink in hand and the night and sip away in the celebrations with the Camelbak “straw.”

There are plenty of excellent sizes and shapes available. The MilTac Hydrobak sells for $48.50.

Military-grade cooler

Pelican is synonymous with mobile armories for the army. They are a go-to because they make for an ultra strong, shock absorption protection for rifles, guns and other weapons.

Now they are applying that know-how to ensure maximum performance for your celebrations. Pelican coolers will keep your ice cold for five days.

The Pelican 55-quart Wheeled Cooler has an easy access with a small hatch in the design of the lid to pull out a drink without opening the entire cooler. Also built in the cooler, a bottle opener and cup holders.

This cooler keeps your drink provisions easily mobile with slim design has heavy-duty wheels with a handle that you can pull, as a luggage wheelie.

Pelican makes coolers of 20 liters to mega party of 250 litres. The 55 gallon sells for about $449.55. Easier on the budget is the 45 liter size of $379.95.


Nurse that hangover

(Black, Gun, Coffee)

Need to nurse that hangover on New Year’s Day and you’re more a tea kind of cure than a hot springs and spas kind of boy or a girl? Then stock up in advance on the Black Rifle fits AK-47 and Silencer Smooth down in advance.

Founded by an ex-Special Forces veteran and made in the USA by special operations veterans, they make use of the best caliber beans and make a remarkable fit.

This is the kind of company that stands for the best of the American values. Even though they are new and small, they gave an astonishing 10,000 pounds of coffee to U.s. military members serving overseas this Christmas.

A large dose of Black Rifle coffee and support a veteran owned company with a noble, All-American ethos is the right way to kick off the New Year. This jet fuel will fire you to the launch of these New Year Resolutions and make them happen.

Bags start at about $13.99.

Allison Barrie is a defense specialist with experience in more than 70 countries, who recommends the highest level of defence and national security, a lawyer with four postgraduate degrees, and author of the definitive guide, Future Weapons: Access Granted, to purchase, in 30 countries. Barrie hosts the new hit podcast “Tactical Talk”, where she gives listeners a direct access to the most fascinating of the Special Operations warriors each week and to learn more about the FOX Firepower host and columnist, click here or follow her on Twitter @allison_barrie and Instagram @allisonbarriehq.


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