8 is a left luggage packing tips for the traveller looking to save space and money

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Whether you’re a frequent flier, or have flown at a passenger aircraft once it is in your life, here are five things you need to know about the passenger planes.

The next time you get on a plane, in a carry-on, even if you’re going to go to Europe. This is what I have to do it, because the bag is traveling to be by your side, it is the case that the airline can’t lose it.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are a few other ways to get to the right and grab the cheaper it is.

1. The hand baggage are often free of charge

Another reason for the use of a carry-on? Major airlines for hand luggage free of charge. All you have to do is to make sure that the luggage is not too large, the good news is that each and every company will publish the size of allowances on their website (just look for ‘left’). Pay attention to this, because, the travelers are sometimes deprived of their oversized bags at the gate, so they can be stowed in the hold.

Each and every bag, that will travel to be by your side, it is a bag, the airline can’t lose it.


2. If you have to pay for a bag, pay a fee, and the cheapest

Smaller airlines, such as Spirit and Frontier, charge a fee for each of the size of the bag, and the price will vary depending on when you pay the most expensive charges to be slapped on it. Don’t wait too long to have to pay for your bags during the flight booking process to book a flight ticket comparison site to get the cheapest tickets.

3. Please leave your valuables at home

OK, so some of the electronics are must-haves, so be sure to have them in your carry-on, you are in the safe or on your person. Of all the valuable items that you don’t want to take away something that can easily be lost or stolen, such as jewellery, or maybe a super-expensive pair of sunglasses. Also, it shows how the one-of-a-kind items for the home, such as a child’s drawing, or an award for anything. If you want to get this stuff out to family members at the hands of the photo.

4. Allow your device to multi-task

In many cases, it is a phone, it is in your library, a flashlight, a camera, a TV-set, diary, document, drop it. Heck, you can even make calls on it!! If the temptation to add something to your bag, first ask yourself, “Is this all of it on my phone?”


5. Love most of the clothes in your closet

Unless you’re a bride on the way to the wedding, no one will be interested in what you are wearing, so lets make the most of your wardrobe at home. However, make sure that each and every pair of trousers or a skirt that you can pack with each of the top pack, it doesn’t have to be the same color, like shades that are in addition to other items as well. Even khakis are generally less than a pair of jeans, so pack accordingly.

Not the best way.

For shoes, get one pair of shoes, and take just one more. A third pair is OK, if it’s something light, such as sandals, however, you are trying to save space and keep the bag on the bright side, some airlines charge an extra fee for bags that are going to be as high as $200). Finally, in the most severe things for you; you can take your coat off in the area where you will be able to change it in to a rug in front of the stage.

6. Do is to pack the necessities

Just before the rain, a very small umbrella that could fit in a pocket, or use a cheap plastic rain poncho (again, no one is going to care about how you look at it). Other equipment: charger, cords, phones and other devices, medications, band-aids, eye glasses, contacts, and anything else you can’t live without it. To make sure that it will fit in the carry-on baggage, as well.


7. And before you go, take some pics

That phone is the camera and take a picture of your bag in the event you decide to go in the checked bag route, and the airline will lose it. With a picture, and you won’t have any trouble describing it. Also, take pictures of your ID/license, in addition to all the important documents such as passports, or for doctor’s prescriptions. It’s kind of comforting to have all this important stuff in a safe place. And do not put your phone on a table in front of you, where people can come and go (like a bar). It’s too easy for someone to reach down, grab it, and keep it up.

Take pictures of your important documents in case they are out of place, but don’t lose your phone as well.


8. Grab a snack

A couple of energy bars, not a lot of space and can keep you from spending $7 on a bag of nuts at the airport. And pick up a collapsible water bottle, too (I’ve seen them for less than $10 online) because you can’t bring water through security but you can fill out, if you will, once you get past the checkpoint. Great for in-flight use, and also because it’s so easy to get dehydrated during the flight.

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