‘750 fighters in Afghanistan killed

‘750 fighters in Afghanistan killed

Photo: AFP

American special forces and Afghan troops have since the beginning of march certainly 750 fighters of the Islamic State killed in Afghanistan. That has the U.s. army Friday announced.

They also have tunnels, cave complexes, and command and logistics centers destroyed. The by IS-controlled areas would be at least two-thirds are reduced.

Except against, to fight the Afghan forces against the Taliban. These radical islamists carried out their attacks since the NATO combat mission in Afghanistan by the end of 2014 officially replaced by a training mission and the number of troops is reduced.

For more than a year to fight the United States and Afghanistan jointly against IS with air strikes. In april threw down the American troops, the largest non-nuclear bomb from their arsenal, the GBU-43, a complex of caves IS in the eastern Nangarhar province. It had probably 96 IS fighters to life. The entire complex was, according to the government in Kabul is destroyed.

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