’75-something late metastatic colon cancer rarely treat’

’75-something late metastatic colon cancer rarely treat’

Older patients with metastatic cancer of the colon appear to be according to research less to make use of the available treatments. While it is known that the treatment for this group of patients, life-sustaining in maintaining quality of life.

That sets phd student Lieke Razenberg of the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven on the basis of figures from the comprehensive Cancer centre the Netherlands (IKNL).

“It is important to raise awareness among the elderly to increase. In the past there were no life-prolonging therapies available in metastatic cancer of the colon, but there are considerable progress has been made,” explains Razenberg. “For older patients, there are treatments available that are life-sustaining and often have fewer side effects than they think.”

It would also, according to the candidate may be that doctors are reluctant in prescribing of treatments in older patients. “The guidelines for a therapy to prescribe are based on younger patients. For older patients, there is a gray area. We do not always know whether a therapy for older patients benefit. There is still a world to win. Especially when you know that in coming time many new resources will become available,” said Razenberg

“The patient and his or her practitioner should always be in conversation with each other should go over the available treatment methods,” says Razenberg. “The one older patient is not the other. That is why this is well to all available treatments to discuss, to determine whether a tumorgerichte treatment makes sense in their situation.”


From the figures of 2016 shows that in that year 15.427 people have the disease, a third of them were 75 years or older. Although eighty percent of the patients have no metastasis at the first diagnosis, develops forty to fifty percent of the patients in a later stage.

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