7 tips to make your meat tender to make

There is little triestiger than tough or dry meat. Especially if you know that it is easy at all else would be able to run. We’ll give you some clues about how the next time can tackle.

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You know already that you don’t meat every day have to eat, but if you do, you will want to do it properly. Damn right you have! Then it would be a pity, its a nice piece to dry ready to make? With these tips, you make soon the juiciest meat, even though it is less popular pieces such as smelt or cheek.

Use violence

Tough meat is actually a long and intact piece of muscle fiber. Your meat tender, you do so by that muscle fiber to break. That you can easily with the combination of a vleeshamer and your pent-up frustrations of a standard work week. You have no specialized equipment? Use a rolling pin, wooden spoon or even your bare hands. Everything is good for your anger to be expressed. And to your flesh tender, of course.

Give it a bath

A marinade gives your meat not only a deeper flavor, it softens the texture of it. You have two options when choosing your marinade: a mixture on the basis of an acid ingredient, or one that tannins contains.

An acidic marinade softens the fibers in the meat. So you can with some lemon juice, vinegar or yogurt, tough pieces of meat into, for example, this Middle Eastern-tinged and tender bite.

Also tannins that do well in cooperation with meat. The ingredient, which is naturally present in tea and red wine, binds to proteins, causing that fixation. In plain language: your flesh is tender. Ideal for game dishes.

Do a fruitpacking

The sap of certain species of fruit contains malsmakende enzymes. So you could have pineapple, papaya and kiwi puree and about your flesh lubrication to a tough piece of tender. Here, however, not too much and do not let the mixture to long draw, because this trick works so well that the meat is sometimes mushy by could be.

Vacuum steaming process can now also be in your home. © Miele

Steam vacuum

Slow cooking was long a privilege of celebrity chefs, but thanks to the vacuum-sealing drawer from Miele can now also in your kitchen. You wrapped your meat in a bag where all the air is sucked and puts then in a steam oven. So is your meat at a low temperature and without loss of juices prepared. For 1.999 euro you can in your own kitchen to cook at michelin star level.

Let it simmer

Sudderpotjes: we love it. However, they need some time, but you will invariably be rewarded with fantastic comfort food and a delicious smelling house. You can also really tough pieces of meat to use, because they are such a long time simmer, turning them into wegsmeltende pieces of salvation. What do you think of a dish with varkenswang?

Listen to Gordon

How your meat is frying in the pan, we can not explain better than mister Gordon Ramsay. For the perfect steak look so as to this movie:

Broil it in the oven

Another great way to get meat to prepare and a tender result, it is roasting in the oven. Sear your meat first to close in the pan on a fire and then place it pan and all in the oven. By the crispy crust will be the juices cannot escape. Spoon during the oventijd a bit drippings over the meat. Let rest before cutting and attacks!


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