7 tips to keep your personal style & why that will help your wardrobe to be more sustainable

Yana Gaevskaya is a stylist and consultant. She focuses on sustainable fashion through the creation of a personal style. Because to a sustainable wardrobe to develop, you of course need to be aware of what exactly you need.

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During the Fair Fashion Festin Gent, that on 9 October, Yana will give a workshop on how a personal style can develop, why it is important and how you capsulegarderobe obtains. Also organises a fashion show with 36 silhouettes, in 3 different themes. To announced Yana few tips on how to create a sustainable, personal style.


  • To your personal style, it is important to get these three questions : Who am I now? Who do I want to? What inspires me, why I want to find that personal style? It may be that you on the second question answers that you just want to remain who you are, but it is important to have these three things to ponder. The answer to the last question may be: for the sake of a carrièredoelstelling, the search for a new love, or building self-confidence.
  • A signatuurlook you at ease make you feel, where you are confident in feel, and where you can profile is very useful. During the compilation of this signatuurlook you can take inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, blogs and numerous sources. But keep in mind that a designer look from a photo shoot is not easy to translate it into a realistic, portable outfit. Make sure that the outfit translatable to your life.
  • Work around colors. You can be an online or offline mood board with looks that you like and you will find that there are a few colours each time to come back, namely your personal favorite colors. These are the colours where you new looks can build.
  • Actually, you wear but 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. Make sure that you know what clothing you prefer to wear and what kind of clothes you prefer to convey: some people feel best in a pair of trousers or in a skirt or a dress. Some wear prefers very casual clothes, others prefer formal pieces.
  • Sometimes you wear certain pieces because you don’t know how to combine them. That is sad, so go on looking for ways to get certain items from your wardrobe to fit your personal style. Sometimes it helps to have a belt to wear over a dress or other accessories or pieces to add. Educate yourself. In Belgium, we often dress in layers, because of the fluctuating temperatures. By learning which pieces of your personal capsulegarderobe fit together, you will be much less need to think about your look when you are in the morning dressed.
  • Plan ahead. That may not sound as sexy, but it can help you greatly. Also when buying new clothes is to plan ahead is very important. Find in advance, from which shops or brands can match with your style and make a note of what exactly you need. So you go purposefully to work and buy you exactly what you need. Often miss people essential basics, because they are during the sales shopping grab to trendstuks (often in the closet to continue to hang out). Thanks to this tactic, you will be less overwhelmed by trends, and make better choices.
  • Practice makes perfect. Test your signatuurlooks out and look at the reactions of people. Also, do not be too hard on yourself, you may what to experiment with your own style have discovered and pinned down.

Why a personal style for a sustainable wardrobe?

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When you wardrobe have been restructured and a clear vision have on your personal style you know very well what pieces from your wardrobe for you and not wearing it. Find a new destination for the pieces that you do not wear, but throw them never in the garbage. (Click here for tips)

Now that you know what your personal style is, you will make much less impulsive purchases. You buy less, but much more aware. Also look at the sustainable brands, you will be amazed at how much choice you have: you find something to your taste and within your own personal style.

You can compare it with the transition to healthy eating. Once you have decided a healthier and more organic food and you have found what ingredients and recipes to your taste requirements, you will not quickly revert to junk food. You have discovered that that new lifestyle, you have more energy or get better feel in your skin, so you will while shopping very conscious purchases. That is also the case when shopping for clothes. When you have decided to your wardrobe to be more sustainable and you know your personal style, you go with a different setting of shopping.

Interested in more tips? Then why not come to the Fair Fashion Fest or rent Yana (both private and through company) as a stylist. They can help you to a style/image to put together. Brands and retailers can contact her for a consultation on sustainable (capsule)collections.

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