7 things you didn’t know Google search could do that until now

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Take a look at Google ‘ s hidden processes are also shown, which is driven by people and algorithms to work, and to make sure that the answers to the questions are entered into the search bar to the right, and should be what the user wants.

Google + is much more powerful than most people realize. Regular searches are useful, but they don’t even scratch the surface of Google’s abilities. Sometimes, in your basic search, the request may not be enough, and if you have a tip to get the best results.

Fair warning: You did not mention Google, with no indication of tracking. Fortunately, there are a lot of sites and services that compete with Google, and it does not keep track of you. Tap or click for Google alternatives to Gmail, YouTube, and google Chrome.

However, if you would like to distant yourself from the Google Search yourself, then click here for a look at the sites that you do not follow it.

That being said, there is a variety of cool Google tricks you can use to fine-tune your results even further. It is high time that you learned what you search to do it.

1. For more options on your search results page of Google

With rare exception, Google will scour thousands of links to search engines and directories. This is great in theory, but most of the relevant information can be found on the first few pages. So, what happens if you don’t find what you’re looking for in just a few seconds? You’re annoying, and it makes you wonder what the problem is, we could have used, or search on Google, weird?

One way to achieve this effect is to limit the sense of the increase in the number of the results on the first page, so that you don’t have to click through many pages to find what you’re looking for.

You simply have to click on Settings under the right-hand side of the search bar on the search results page, and you will be taken to a page where you can change the number of results, which you can see. Just move the slider in the direction in which you want to be aware of is that the more results that you to select, per page, a low-end Google.

2. To search, literally, for more refined results

Sometimes, Google doesn’t exactly have to “get it” when it comes to your search phrase. The engine has a tendency to rely on context, after all. If you want a more literal one of the search results, all you have to do is to activate the Verbatim search.

This means that all search results should your search term is included exactly as they appear. Activate the Verbatim search, you can click on Tools on the results page, hover with the mouse over All of the results , and then click on Verbatim option. You can also enter your search terms in quotation marks, for the same effect (“as”).

3. Removing past searches from your search history

I’ve covered how to delete your Google search history, a lot of the time, however, the company has made it easier to delete specific searches from your history so you don’t end up with the strange ads, or irrelevant to the results of future searches).

In order to make the change, then click on the link below to visit Google for the Removal of the activity page. If you are following Google’s instructions, and then click on the Try this link and you’ll be able to search for specific topics, and then remove it by clicking on the three dots icon.

Now that you’ve got a cleaner result, and the relevance of the advertisements you see while browsing.

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4. To search for books, news, and movies

Most of the people know how to find images and videos by using the tabs at the top. However, Google knows how much the internet means to different types of media, so that the search engine has compiled on specific topics in order to present you with more relevant results for what you’re looking for a move up.

Take the Books and in the News, for example. Right below the search bar (if you don’t see the Books, you can by clicking on the menu item that says, more to look for in the books and in the news items that are specific just like you would do with an image search. This will prevent you from seeing the results that don’t relate to what you are looking for.


As for the movies, one of Google’s searches, without any additional work on your part. Just type in the name of a movie, and you’ll be greeted with a die-cast info, links to Wikipedia, and even the start times and ticket sales, as it is a film that is still in the building.

5. Plot driving directions right from the Google search bar

You’re probably already familiar with Google Maps, but did you know that you can get directions without even having to open the Cards by yourself? All you have to do is type in “directions to [destination] in [location]” and in the search engine results will take care of the rest.

You can switch between car, public transport, and walking and driving directions, you can choose not to.

6. Instantly translate it into your search bar

Google has become fluent in several languages, and his skills are improving each and every day. You can use it to quickly convert text from one language to the other, and, with astonishing accuracy, by adding one word to your search query: type: Translate [phrase] to [language].

This is particularly useful in the case that you are an unknown, a little bit of the language on social media, or would like to send a greeting to a friend in a foreign language.

7. To search within a specific web sites

This is one of the most useful features that Google offers. Sometimes, you may want to look for something specific on a specific website, but let’s just say that it does not have the ability to search on his own. Wouldn’t it be great if every site has its own Google search bar?

Well, almost each and every web site that is not on the dark web and can be searched via the site-specific search (and even our own!) add site:[website]at the beginning of the search, and you will quickly refine your results with the world-wide-web, just what you’re looking for. Happy hunting!

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