7 of the most exacting of wedding parties, 2019

Brides, grooms, and even parents have been able to deal in 2019 at the latest.

Bridezillas, groomzillas, — and even parentzillas-were the subjects of dozens and dozens of viral stories by 2019. But it will only be the most problematic in the wedding party of the year to earn enough to make it in the next roundup.

Here are the most challenging of the bunch:

‘Crappy’ bride-to give fish as wedding favors

A maid of honor on Reddit is a Bridezilla forum shared news of the alleged incident, and that the two ended up in a friendship, and it has killed nearly a 100 fish in the process.

Although the MOH claims to have been raised “several concerns,” and the bride was insistent on having the fish in the ceremony.

At the station, the woman claimed to be the bride forced her to make each and every wedding attendee to the “real, live goldfish for them to take home with them. But, in spite of several issues,” the bride reportedly purchased for nearly 100 fishing and assigned it to her maid of honor, to be the “floater duty,” which means that they have to be responsible for the removal of dead fish from the takeaways and get them to replace it.

The maid of honor, ended up being one of the few who has actually kept their fish, ” she said.

“I have a name of the Sun. It was a lot longer than my friendship with the bride, and a lot of a lot more than her wedding day,” she wrote.

Most ‘excommunicates’, the groom has more than ‘adults only’ wedding

As much as people seem to focus on “bridezillas,” a wedding has been completely derailed by a “stepmomzilla.”

“I told my fiancé what had happened and she broke down in tears, thinking that it was all her fault.”

A Reddit user by the name of Arinehim claimed that his step-mother, excommunicated him from his own family for wanting to be an “adult-only wedding.” According to him, when he tried to talk to his stepsister about it, it doesn’t bring her 1-year-old son, and his step-mother, “reflected”, and have threatened to not only never speak to him, but in order to cut him off from the rest of the family.

Her step-mother, or the bride’s mother, and the conversation did not go well: The groom-to-be, tells his step-mother, it was just “nasty,” according to his mother-in-law, too.

The bride kicks the sister out of the wedding party over hair

A bride was taken to Reddit to kick it to her sister — a bridesmaid — out of the wedding, she cut her hair, and gave it less than two weeks prior to the ceremony.

“Oh, my god, my god, why would you want to do this right before my wedding?” the bride said, according to be a bridesmaid.

Even though the bridesmaid claims she told her sister about her hair at the front, and the bride-to-be, “responded positively” to the bride, drop as soon as they’re unveiled it’s new look and feel.

“Oh, my God, my God, why would you want to do this right before my wedding?” the bride said the bridesmaid. She demanded as her sister, “extension”, or “[get] her out of her wedding.”

In a follow-up post, the woman said she later learned that the bridesmaids were in different, unusual styles. “A bridesmaid has to have a pixie cut, and another has the sides of her head shaven, and one with a MULLET,” the woman claimed, adding that they will soon be asked to be taken out of the wedding.

The bride is caught scamming hundreds of dollars from the wedding

In a story that appeared on Reddit is the Bridezilla forums, a bride and a maid of honor who is trying to deceive the rest of the bridal party, out of hundreds of dollars. They probably would have gotten away if it wasn’t for an over zealous employee at the shop who told me that one of the bridesmaids is that the dress was $200 instead of $400, the bride, had charge of every one of the women.

The bride would have gotten away with it too, as a bridesmaid was not to take away from the dresses, everything is taught to you.

“Long story short, the dress was only $200,” she said. “When I confronted the maid of honor about it, and spills the beans. Apparently, it is the bride and the maid of honor, together, off and charge us double to pay for the bride’s dress. I’ll leave the rest of the bridesmaids will know, and the four of us away from the wedding right away.”


The bride’s mother-in-law to shame, couple of, about the ‘gift of the grab’ wedding

In another story on Reddit, and as a bride claimed that her mother-in-law is ashamed of her and her husband are having a wedding, you know, because they were already legally married.

The bride claimed that she and her husband were forced to have a courthouse wedding due to a “serious health issues” that required her to be on his health insurance.

The bride claimed that she and her husband were forced to get married at a courthouse because of a “serious health issues” that required her to be on his health insurance. But that apparently wasn’t good enough for her mother-in-law, who blasted the couple for the next day in your life as a stylish “gift grab.”

According to the bride, the mother-in-law went out to spread the news of their actual marital status of the other members of the family, who allegedly called the couple “sneaky and deceptive”, and at least one took their gift back.


The groom threatens to be a sister, if she is missing the wedding for a rehab

A frustrated mom has shared a story on Reddit about a fight between her son and the daughter of the former day of the wedding, and the cost of both the mother and the daughter in the wedding party are invited.

A mother has told of the incident, which involved a fight between her daughter and an alcoholic in recovery, and her son, who is going to marry her.

“My daughter is going through a tough time right now. She is an alcoholic and is currently in rehab. After rehab, she gets to live in a sober living facility for up to 12 weeks. Just a week after they leave the sober-living facility (based on the assumption that everything goes according to plan), it is the wedding of my son,” the mother wrote. “Even though they are conjectured to be in a position to resist temptation at that moment in time, I don’t think it’s to throw her a wedding with an open bar, it is a good idea, especially in light of the fact that their father’s side of the family is rowdy, and heavy drinkers.”

However, if the daughter is educated, possible to skip the wedding ceremony, the soon-to-be-married brother, allegedly told her that she was going to be the death of him,” the creation of a full family meltdown that ended up with the groom-to-be is “very angry” and telling his mother not to go to the wedding either.

Angrily, the groom was violently to lose it during the wedding ceremony

In a shocking Facebook video, showing a man completely losing his cool during a failed cake-cutting ceremony at the wedding reception, leaving the guests and the bride and is shocked.

The clip opens up with the groom and the bride cut the cake. The groom is visibly annoyed when he was strong, and unenthusiastically guides the woman’s hand and cutting it with a slice of. Instead, however, of the completion of the ceremony, due to take out of the slice, to feed his wife a piece of cake, as the tradition has it, he instead throws the knife onto the table before curtly to feed a piece to his new bride, and then eat some of him or herself.


What’s worse, when the bridegroom suddenly picked up a bottle of champagne in a guest’s hands, and the wild shaking of the drink before he threw it to the ground. Unleashed, the groom, the couple, and the way to the wedding, a lot of people a shock.

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