7 fitness gadgets to get you in shape for the winter

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There is a chill in the air, at least in some parts of the country. And that can only mean one thing: it’s time to think about all of the gadgets to help with workouts. Even though it might be snowing in the Midwest, you can still get the bike in, keep track of your heart rate, and even keep track of how many times you drink of the water. This is the best and the latest in fitness gadgets to consider.

1. Track Inspired HR ($100)

Save your expensive smartwatch that is just a day’s time and get right to your workout in the gym. The super-skinny, Fitbit is to Inspire HR are the easiest way to monitor your heart rate, count your steps and calories during a workout. The fitness band is a five-day per charge.

2. Ozmo Is Active, The Smart Tank ($70)

Hydration is so important. It is an important part of any training program. The Ozmo-Active Smart-don’t just track from the side, it will make suggestions from the app based on your training, and operations. This involves the use of a USB port on the side.


3. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones ($130)

These earbuds are sweat-and water-resistant, and they fit perfectly in your ears. They come in vibrant colors such as blue, blue, and yellow. They can take up to six hours per charge, and come with three different sizes for your ears.

4. Polar Light Smartwatch ($230)

The bright and colourful display, in this course the main highlight-it’s easy to see if you are on a treadmill, or a rowing machine. If you do decide to brave the cold, Polar Light can also keep track of the GPS location and navigational routes for the run.


5. Fightcamp ($1,219)


One of the best at-home workout products on the market, Fightcamp has been fitted with a free standing punching bag, boxing gloves and a training mat. The app tracks each shot, and provides a workout regimen to help you get in shape.

6. Wahoo Kickr Bike ($3,500)

This is a recent release, an exercise bike is unlike any other. It’s more like a real bicycle, in that you clip in your cycling shoes, to make a connection with the Zwift mobile app for the virtual tours through the mountains, keeping track of your watts, and calories, and the rate of change of a speed using an electronic switch.


7. Mirror, mirror ($1,495)

Another, very unusual, yet highly effective fitness device, the Mirror is an actual mirror confirms that you are up on the wall, but it’s also a live video of a training program, keep your heart rate and even plays with the surround sound of music to motivate you.

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